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+Here are the steps to follow to create a new compiz release:
+1) Ensure that there are no local, uncommitted modifications.
+ It's probably good enough if "git diff HEAD" doesn't output
+ anything and your "master" and "origin" branches are at the
+ current revision.
+2) Verify that the code passes "make distcheck"
+ Running "make distcheck" should result in no warnings or
+ errors and end with a message of the form:
+ ==============================================
+ compiz-X.Y.Z archives ready for distribution:
+ compiz-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
+ ==============================================
+ (But the tar file isn't actually ready yet, as we still have
+ some more steps to follow).
+3) Fill out an entry in the NEWS file
+ Shift through the logs since the last release. This is most
+ easily done with a comand such as:
+ git log --stat compiz-X.Y.Z..
+ where X.Y.Z is the previous release version.
+ Summarize major changes briefly in a style similar to other
+ entries in NEWS.
+4) Increment version number in
+ Increment to the micro version number to the next larger
+ (even) number.
+5) Commit the changes to NEWS and
+ It's especially important to mention the new version number in your
+ commit log.
+6) Run "make release-publish" which will perform the following steps
+ for you:
+ * Check that the version number ends with an even micro component
+ * Check that no release exists with the current version
+ * Verify that make distcheck completes successfully
+ * Generate the final tar file
+ * Generate an sha1sum file
+ * Sign the sha1sum using your GPG setup (asks for your GPG password)
+ * scp the three files to appear on
+ * Place local copies of the three files in the releases directory
+ * Tag the entire source tree with a tag of the form compiz-X.Y.Z, and
+ sign the tag with your GPG key (asks for your GPG password, and you
+ may need to set GIT_COMMITTER_NAME and GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL to match
+ your public-key's setting or this fails.)
+ * Provide some text for the release announcement (see below).
+ If for some reason you lost this message,
+ "make release-publish-message" prints it for you.
+7) Increment compiz_version_micro to the next larger (odd) number in
+ configure, commit, and push.
+8) Push the newly created tag out to the central tree with a command
+ something like:
+ git push compiz-X.Y.Z
+9) Send a message to to announce the
+ new release using the text provided from "make release-publish",
+ adding the excerpt from NEWS, your signature, followed by
+ tacking on the detailed changelog-ish thing that gets mailed
+ out when you push the tag (but not the diffstat thing).