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A few big changes:
* Rewrite PropertyWriter, move it out of compiztoolbox * Added CompPluginStateWriter, a serialization interface, which plugins inherit, and specify how to serialize their class members, which will be automatically unloaded and reloaded as plugins unload and reload. * Currently there are bugs with this interface, so it is disabled by default (mostly bugs to do with boost and libdl) * Depend on libboost-serialization * A few bugfixes
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<_long>Default window icon image</_long>
+ <option name="do_serialize" type="bool">
+ <_short>Save plugin states on unload</_short>
+ <_long>Save the state of plugins when they are unloaded such
+ they will resume their past internal state when reloaded</_long>
+ <default>false</default>
+ </option>
<_short>Display Settings</_short>
<option name="overlapping_outputs" type="int">