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Cleanup linkage handling and use rpath for plugins.
rpath is generally bad because it results in stupid linkage which can break with distribution upgrades (which is the reason for previous commits which use ldconfig LIBDIR). However, it doesn't appear to be against any distribution's policy to use rpath for "internal" libraries such as plugins linking against each other - so instead of adding those rather generic names to the cache, just specify an rpath, since there is no way there would be multiple versions of a plugin at once (and even then plugins would have to manually link). This *does* stretch the boundaries allowed by distributions slightly however, since other plugins usually have to link with libcomposite and libopengl in order to load them, however we have our own system of safeguard checks to ensure that the right plugins are loaded in any case (since the linkage will change dynamically on dlopen () - the initial linkage is only there so that dlopen () will not complain when it can't find the composite and opengl libraries, but in that case, it wouldn't even matter anyways since those plugins have to be loaded in order to be useful) For distribution policy, see:
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@@ -74,10 +74,6 @@ compiz_configure_file (
-function (do_relink)
- execute_process (COMMAND "ldconfig" ARGS "-v" ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX})
-endfunction ()
install (
FILES ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/generated/compiz-common.h
DESTINATION ${includedir}/compiz