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+Release 0.9.0 (2010-07-03 Sam Spilsbury <>)
+Development release.
+Rewritten core in C++.
+Rewritten plugin APIs.
+Rewritten buildsystem in CMake, supports option code autogeneration,
+plugin build dependency handling, amongst other things.
+Smart wrappable functions, enables saving on otherwise useless CPU cycles.
+Reparenting window decorations.
+Support for tiled textures and screen sizes larger than max_texture_size
+through the use of the copytex plugin.
+Composite and OpenGL based rendering dropped from core, split into the
+opengl and composite plugins, which represent a step towards pluggable
+rendering backends.
+Ability to run in non composited mode added to gtk-window-decorator
+and kde4-window-decorator.
+kde-window-decorator dropped.
+Added KDE plugin to integrate with the QT main loop and create a KApplication
+for KCrash support on KDE.
+dbus plugin now uses screen number to identify compiz instance.
+Dropped multi-screen mode, launch compiz on individual screens instead.
+Shape drawing mode added to annotate plugin.
+Fixed screen updates issue in annotate plugin.
+Added serialization interface, which allows plugins to save/restore activity
+states between plugin and compiz reloads. Serialization info is stored in
+X11 window properties and is automatically dropped by the X Server when
+the window is destroyed.
+Added compiztoolbox library plugin used by switchers and screenshot, which
+provide a simple interface for accessing XDG and drawing thumbnails.
Release 0.8.6 (2010-03-28 Danny Baumann <>)
Maintenance release.