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* Initial re-write. Stuff added:
* Multi-lists * Gesture setup * Better reporting setup * Better nunchuck support
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+Rewrite information:
+ - * Add gesture system that is more practical. Gestures are created and checked on wiimote_callback. You set the gesture type (A button pressed, left nunchuck, etc), the wiimote number (in order of what your wiimote list is, explained in a second) and the plugin name and action name for the gesture. You also set the difference threshold. <-- TODO: Actual gesture checking
+ - * Add a reporting system which works like the gesture system in that you select what to report, which wiimote index and the plugin and action name to report to.
+ - * Remove cursor control and such and put that in another plugin (input plugin?)
+ - * Only use one callback function, referencing the get_wiimote_id() function as a variable in the compWiimote and looping through all the wiimotes until we hit that id. Then we know which wiimote triggered the callback.
+ - * Set readonly options so that we can make python / dbus scripts to call actions that way. <--- TODO once O-F is out
+ - * Options:
+ * Use multi-lists to set up wiimotes, calibration info etc. The order in which they are listed is the desired option for the X connected wiimote
+ * Use multi-lists for everything else
+ - * TODO: Split code up into files
+ - * TODO: Better text prompting system