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2004-08-30Disable focus-stealing-prevention for now; there are still some issues andElijah Newren1-0/+3
2004-08-27add comment about broken assertionHavoc Pennington1-0/+1
2004-08-27disable NameWindowPixmap stuff always for now, it seemed kind of bustedHavoc Pennington2-31/+32
2004-08-27Prevent an assertion failure that can occur after increasing the number ofElijah Newren2-2/+12
2004-08-27delete extra copy of find_argb_visual so things compileHavoc Pennington2-73/+86
2004-08-27couple of cosmetic tweaks from resolving my local patch with the bugzillaHavoc Pennington2-3/+59
2004-08-27move the have_xrender variable initialization up in the file since it canHavoc Pennington6-40/+166
2004-08-26Make dialogs that Metacity shows follow focus-stealing-preventionElijah Newren6-30/+99
2004-08-20Move wireframe code before grab is released to prevent endless loops withSoeren Sandmann1-15/+15
2004-08-19track the last_xor_rect separately from the current window size, and thenHavoc Pennington5-29/+69
2004-08-15use height and top/bottom struts to compute gap (copy/paste bug).Rob Adams1-2/+2
2004-08-15Allow struts larger than 1/2 the screen width/height, as long as there's aRob Adams1-18/+27
2004-08-09New function. Use it here to synchronize with the hardware between eachSoeren Sandmann2-2/+20
2004-08-08Add #ifdef around XSYNC code; fixes compile problem if XSYNC is disabled.Rob Adams1-0/+2
2004-08-08Flush after setting cursor. (Rest of #149413).Soeren Sandmann1-0/+1
2004-08-08activating the current workspace should be a no-op. This prevents a raceElijah Newren1-2/+7
2004-08-08Revert Rob's 2004-07-31 patch that ignored net_wm_user_time whenElijah Newren2-9/+3
2004-08-07Remove some extraneous items that could sometimes appear in the windowRob Adams2-6/+15
2004-08-07add XFlush() after setting cursor, #149413Havoc Pennington1-0/+1
2004-08-07Focusing a window upon unshowing the desktop in various ways (panel appletElijah Newren1-1/+4
2004-08-06prevent keyboard from "getting locked" upon workspace switch, by makingElijah Newren1-1/+9
2004-08-05Have newly mapped windows that are denied focus appear after the focusedElijah Newren1-2/+50
2004-08-05prepend window to mru list instead of appending, since making the windowElijah Newren1-1/+1
2004-08-02Fix some bugs (reported in #120100) regarding the focus window when usingElijah Newren2-3/+12
2004-07-31Fix bug that caused windows to not be focused on unminimizing because ofRob Adams2-0/+8
2004-07-31Fix some support for EWMH hints, and fix USER_TIME support to include theRob Adams5-10/+237
2004-07-22Add trailing quotes to keybinding explanation text. Patch from EmilRob Adams1-63/+63
2004-06-24Choose correct window to focus when "un-showing" the desktop. FixesElijah Newren1-1/+1
2004-06-24Make choice of focus window be consistent for each focus mode. FixesElijah Newren5-31/+30
2004-06-24Avoid a race condition on the choice of window to focus after theElijah Newren1-2/+26
2004-06-24make naming for "move a window"/"move the window"/"move window" moreElijah Newren1-8/+8
2004-06-24Change meta_warning to meta_topic on failure to connect to a sessionElijah Newren1-1/+3
2004-06-24Add support for _NET_WM_USER_TIMEElijah Newren8-50/+214
2004-06-21Add a timestamp argument to menu functions and use it inAnders Carlsson3-1/+5
2004-06-21Get the timestamp from the client message.Anders Carlsson1-5/+8
2004-06-19Fix bug 143333, support for update counter spec, and 109362, scheduleSoeren Sandmann7-100/+259
2004-06-04Set titlebar_uses_system_font = false. The previous default was almostJeff Waugh1-1/+1
2004-05-03make the no sm support warning dialog resizable, since the default GTKRob Adams1-0/+2
2004-04-30Add a value type check for the visual bell/audible bell gconf settings.Rob Adams1-0/+14
2004-04-19Syncing across this change from libwnck. Patch from Neil MullerMark McLoughlin1-2/+2
2004-04-16Fix unwanted mouse grab op on rapid click-and-releaseElijah Newren1-6/+6
2004-03-02don't promote due to transiency; we handle that elsewhere now.Rob Adams1-94/+45
2004-02-28Revert 2/27 patch for layer promotion.Rob Adams2-84/+32
2004-02-28only move on MRU list if the window belongs on the workspace, since theRob Adams2-14/+20
2004-02-28Change move_to_workspace_left/right/up/down keybindings toRob Adams1-4/+4
2004-02-28Handle layer promotion of transient descendants of layer-promoted windowsRob Adams2-32/+86
2004-02-28Add my copyright notice to a number of files on which it should alreadyRob Adams1-0/+1
2004-02-23Add my copyright notice to a number of files on which it should alreadyRob Adams9-7/+23
2004-02-19remove trailing comma in MetaKeyBindingAction enum. Fix for #134868 thanksRob Adams1-1/+1
2004-02-16reset drag state after shaking loose or reattaching. Fix for #132625.Rob Adams1-19/+23