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2002-07-05Change default value of input hint (if not specified) to true instead ofHavoc Pennington1-2/+3
2002-07-03use new macros to get whether we allow move/resize correctHavoc Pennington4-17/+91
2002-07-02rename from {un}grab_all_keys_and_keyboard and only do an XKeyboardGrab,Mark McLoughlin1-54/+13
2002-07-01Fix broken workspace switching from my previous commit.Mark McLoughlin3-14/+41
2002-06-27Fixes not being able to tab out of a workspace which contains no windows.Mark McLoughlin7-120/+216
2002-06-25s/gdk_get_default_display/gdk_display_get_default/Mark McLoughlin3-4/+4
2002-06-25added support for border only windows.Mark McLoughlin12-0/+77
2002-06-25Added some stuff to the window buttons, so they use the ACTIVE bg/fg.James M. Cape1-11/+103
2002-06-25src/screen.c: (set_supported_hint), (set_work_area_hint): ItsMark McLoughlin5-77/+77
2002-06-23Update with border-only window stuff from Atlanta.Gediminas Paulauskas1-0/+30
2002-06-23Update for "border" frame stuff, minor button/spacing improvements.James M. Cape1-36/+86
2002-06-23Partially fix Jacob's SM bugs.Havoc Pennington3-5/+93
2002-06-22do nothing if screen is being unmanaged, we don't want to blow away state,Havoc Pennington6-135/+149
2002-06-22new utility functionHavoc Pennington8-1/+176
2002-06-22Theme breakage! Themes have to implement "border" frames now, see AtlantaHavoc Pennington9-25/+180
2002-06-20sticky windows aren't visibile on all screens. Check the workspace is onMark McLoughlin2-3/+2
2002-06-19handle UNKNOWN keyboard resizing stateHavoc Pennington3-1/+333
2002-06-18don't use a minimized window as the next focus window, patch fromHavoc Pennington2-0/+2
2002-06-18increase the cascade threshold a bit. (find_first_fit): implement aHavoc Pennington1-55/+313
2002-06-18fix from Gaute Lindkvist #82977 for unsticking windowsHavoc Pennington1-11/+4
2002-06-17associate close_window keybinding to Alt-F4Frédéric Crozat1-1/+1
2002-06-16fix spelling error, #85452Havoc Pennington1-1/+1
2002-06-16don't pass a null string to printfHavoc Pennington2-14/+38
2002-06-15workspace-drawing code factored out of libwnck, needs wiring up toHavoc Pennington3-0/+279
2002-06-15always focus new windows, trying to be smart about it was a flop.Havoc Pennington1-43/+68
2002-06-14Check for NULL string before calling strlen(). Fixes the core dumpJayaraj Rajappan1-1/+1
2002-06-13Set client height as 0 when the window actually is shaded, not the otherAnders Carlsson1-1/+2
2002-06-12when a window is shaded, don't include client height in the heightHavoc Pennington2-4/+18
2002-06-12Draw the buttons right before the "overlay" piece.Havoc Pennington1-35/+36
2002-06-12accessibility stuff for metacity-properties capplet. bug #84749.Jayaraj Rajappan1-0/+10
2002-06-11allow dialogs to steal focus from panels/desktopHavoc Pennington1-1/+3
2002-06-10#include <config.h>. Fixes #83960.Jayaraj Rajappan1-0/+1
2002-06-10verify the active window has the appropriate close/minimize functionErwann Chenede -1-2/+4
2002-06-10add G_IO_NVAL to watch condition, patch from Gustavo Giraldez, avoidsHavoc Pennington1-2/+2
2002-06-09don't run constrain_placement on windows we allow to go anywhere (docks,Havoc Pennington2-29/+30
2002-06-09don't raise/focus the window if minimize/close are clicked, patch fromHavoc Pennington2-7/+16
2002-06-09Cleanups to workspace popup patch. Space before all parens in a coupleHavoc Pennington5-73/+51
2002-06-09Apply big patch from adding a popup window to theHavoc Pennington12-129/+547
2002-06-09set net_supporting_wm_check in addition to win_supporting_wm_check, patchHavoc Pennington3-6/+8
2002-06-08don't die on bad atom nameHavoc Pennington8-28/+439
2002-06-08select keypress/keyrelease events on root window, this may fix the bugHavoc Pennington1-0/+1
2002-06-08call meta_session_shutdown when exiting cleanlyHavoc Pennington3-1/+36
2002-06-08Yeah I know maximization is broken, I'm too tired to fix it. ProbablyHavoc Pennington2-3/+26
2002-06-08short-circuit the "only one xinerama" case, and use outer rect of windowHavoc Pennington7-33/+94
2002-06-08only invalidate things if the struts actually change, since the panelHavoc Pennington1-5/+31
2002-06-07use XineramaIsActive() not XineramaQueryExtension()Havoc Pennington2-6/+17
2002-06-07don't return null on non-multiheadHavoc Pennington1-1/+1
2002-06-07implementHavoc Pennington6-76/+140
2002-06-06Increase the border size of the buttons so they aren't quite so huge on myJames M. Cape1-11/+10
2002-06-06oops, didn't mean to commit thatHavoc Pennington1-2/+2