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2007-12-19sort source files into these directories according to which part of the WMHavoc Pennington1-522/+0
2007-04-03Patch from Carlo Wood to fix handling of unidirectional maximization andElijah Newren1-0/+9
2006-10-01Stick an emacs comment directive at the beginning of all the code files soElijah Newren1-0/+2
2006-03-17Add debugging information for edge resistanceElijah Newren1-0/+2
2006-01-13Patch from Damien Carbery. Fixes #326746.Elijah Newren1-0/+1
2005-11-19Merge of all the changes on the constraints_experiments branch. This isElijah Newren1-0/+42
2005-10-08Add my copyright notice to a number of files on which it should alreadyElijah Newren1-0/+1
2005-10-03Truncate ridiculously long titles to avoid crashing or letting the pagerElijah Newren1-0/+14
2004-09-16A load of fixes of issues reported by sparse. Closes bug #152849Kjartan Maraas1-1/+1
2003-12-26change to track all children of the root window, not only mapped children;Havoc Pennington1-0/+2
2003-01-05redo using new calc_workspace_layout to fix #98302Havoc Pennington1-1/+1
2003-01-05handle the client having a shape mask, fixes #101806Havoc Pennington1-0/+2
2002-12-10add myself here, bug #100789Havoc Pennington1-0/+2
2002-12-09updatesHavoc Pennington1-0/+3
2002-12-08make this always return FALSE for now, to avoid bug reports.Havoc Pennington1-6/+17
2002-12-01lengthen to 15 secondsHavoc Pennington1-3/+8
2002-11-04remove XSync calls from here (meta_display_ungrab): remove XSync fromHavoc Pennington1-1/+10
2002-11-03new function, and remove workspace->name field, instead just get the nameHavoc Pennington1-0/+2
2002-10-27include config.hHavoc Pennington1-5/+5
2002-10-25Add "busy cursor on app startup" support, conditionally - works only ifHavoc Pennington1-0/+2
2002-10-21Optimizations for managing new windows (do not all take effect ifHavoc Pennington1-0/+6
2002-08-24translate some strings that should have been, and convert to localeHavoc Pennington1-11/+27
2002-08-12window is in fullscreen layer if any member of its group is fullscreenHavoc Pennington1-0/+20
2002-07-23handle NULL screen from screen_for_xwindowHavoc Pennington1-0/+33
2002-06-08don't die on bad atom nameHavoc Pennington1-0/+13
2002-04-28remove caveats about keybindingsHavoc Pennington1-0/+2
2002-04-21query Xinerama screen information if HAVE_XINERAMAHavoc Pennington1-0/+2
2002-03-06use hash_table_replace instead of g_hash_table_insertHavoc Pennington1-1/+1
2002-03-05try ignoring SIGXFSZ, though I'm not sure what that does exactly. I'mHavoc Pennington1-11/+34
2002-03-02Add hacking to fix the problem that we made our XGrabPointer() duringHavoc Pennington1-1/+2
2002-02-08Throughout: move to meta_topic rather than meta_verbose so metacity.logHavoc Pennington1-3/+18
2002-01-28move in here so util.c doesn't require display.[hc]Havoc Pennington1-27/+7
2002-01-06draw titlebar highlight with snazzy gradient that needs some tweaking toHavoc Pennington1-0/+3
2002-01-04use meta_XFree not XFreeHavoc Pennington1-2/+2
2002-01-03focus top window when switching to a new workspaceHavoc Pennington1-0/+42
2001-09-11icon for unmaximizeHavoc Pennington1-0/+1
2001-09-11Don't separate user_has_moved/user_has_resized, fixes bug in east-resizingHavoc Pennington1-0/+3