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2011-01-13Fix permissionsHEADmasterSam Spilsbury79-0/+0
2010-12-10Add the ability to parse <shadow> and <padding> tags in <frame-style>Sam Spilsbury79-0/+0
2006-10-07removed hide_buttons. Closes #360498.Thomas James Alexander Thurman1-2/+2
* src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-2.xml: removed hide_buttons. Closes #360498.
2006-10-07described new theme format.Thomas James Alexander Thurman13-0/+832
* doc/theme-format.txt: described new theme format. * src/themes/Bright, src/themes/Crux: added version 2 themes.
2002-11-26Removed alpha layers from the pixmaps that don't need them.Calum Benson30-0/+0
Fixes #98389, results in 10-15% speedup on most machines.
2002-11-05Crux tweaks: adds a Restore button for maximized windows, and un-hard-codesCalum Benson3-14/+62
titlebar text colors. Fixes #97759.
2002-09-06Fix titlebar glitch on small dialogs.Frédéric Crozat1-2/+2
* src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml: Fix titlebar glitch on small dialogs.
2002-07-24put Gorilla back in the buildHavoc Pennington33-65/+59
2002-07-23 Havoc Pennington <> * src/themes/ (THEMES): put Gorilla back in the build * src/themes/Gorilla/metacity-theme-1.xml, src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml: fixes from Sebastien Delestaing so that these themes work properly with different font sizes. * src/frames.c (get_control): patch from Balamurali Viswanathan for #81984 (resize titlebar from the top not the bottom)
2002-06-25added support for border only windows.Mark McLoughlin12-0/+77
2002-06-25 Mark McLoughlin <> * src/themes/Crux/active-border-top-left-border.png: * src/themes/Crux/active-border-top-right-border.png: * src/themes/Crux/active-top-left-corner.png: * src/themes/Crux/active-top-mid-left-border.png: * src/themes/Crux/active-top-mid-right-border.png: * src/themes/Crux/active-top-right-corner.png: * src/themes/Crux/inactive-border-top-left-border.png: * src/themes/Crux/inactive-border-top-right-border.png: * src/themes/Crux/inactive-top-left-corner.png: * src/themes/Crux/inactive-top-mid-border.png: * src/themes/Crux/inactive-top-right-corner.png: * src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml: added support for border only windows.
2002-02-13Fix some bugs with prelighting.Anders Carlsson1-0/+14
2002-02-14 Anders Carlsson <> * src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml: Fix some bugs with prelighting.
2002-02-07handle out-of-memory creating target pixbufHavoc Pennington14-0/+0
2002-02-06 Havoc Pennington <> * src/theme.c (colorize_pixbuf): handle out-of-memory creating target pixbuf * src/themes/Crux/*.png: convert the green-channel images to grayscale
2002-02-07Add maximized and shaded_and_maximized frame styles.Anders Carlsson1-0/+4
2002-02-07 Anders Carlsson <> * src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml: Add maximized and shaded_and_maximized frame styles.
2002-02-06Simplify things so we can remove some now unnecessary .png files. RemoveAnders Carlsson15-41/+7
2002-02-07 Anders Carlsson <> * src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml: Simplify things so we can remove some now unnecessary .png files. * src/themes/Crux/*.png: Remove some files.
2002-02-06src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml Add Crux themeAnders Carlsson59-0/+476
2002-02-07 Anders Carlsson <> * src/themes/Crux/metacity-theme-1.xml * src/themes/Crux/*.png: Add Crux theme
2002-02-06Add this so CVS won't prune the directory.Anders Carlsson1-0/+0