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2011-01-13Fix permissionsHEADmasterSam Spilsbury1-0/+0
2010-12-10Add the ability to parse <shadow> and <padding> tags in <frame-style>Sam Spilsbury1-0/+0
2010-05-03Remove deprecated Encoding key from desktop filesFrédéric Péters1-1/+0
2008-09-12Install desktop files in both .../share/applications andVincent Untz1-0/+21
2008-09-12 Vincent Untz <> Install desktop files in both .../share/applications and .../share/gnome/wm-properties. Copied in from the 2.23.x branch. Closes #549479. * src/ new file * src/.cvsignore: include the above * src/ install the above svn path=/trunk/; revision=3886