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2011-01-13Fix permissionsHEADmasterSam Spilsbury1-0/+0
2010-12-10Add the ability to parse <shadow> and <padding> tags in <frame-style>Sam Spilsbury1-0/+0
2010-05-02Use correct timestamp for focus stealing preventionTomas Frydrych1-6/+24
2010-03-31Fix build with gcc 4.5Vincent Untz1-7/+6
2010-01-22Cleanup: split MetaSide from MetaDirectionOwen W. Taylor1-1/+1
2010-01-20prevent window self-maximisationPeter Bloomfield1-2/+14
2009-10-21Add XFCE Terminal as a terminalOwen W. Taylor1-0/+3
2009-03-06add optional dependency on gtop. Include "(as username)" in the titlebarThomas James Alexander Thurman1-1/+1
2009-02-11 Don't define meta_spew_event unless verbose mode is on.Thomas James Alexander Thurman1-0/+2
2009-02-10 Further movement of code out of metacity-dialog into Zenity;Thomas James Alexander Thurman1-1/+0
2009-01-27 All the window properties are now handled using simpleThomas James Alexander Thurman1-67/+12
2009-01-27 More of the window properties are checked using simpleThomas James Alexander Thurman1-81/+11
2009-01-25add support for _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL.Thomas James Alexander Thurman1-1/+9
2008-12-21windows which attempt to present themselves but are offscreen end upThomas James Alexander Thurman1-2/+17
2008-11-17 This change adds support for the new _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORSThomas James Alexander Thurman1-1/+68
2008-10-23Support _NET_WM_STATE_STICKY (i.e. allow third-party apps to decideThomas Thurman1-3/+18
2008-10-22minimised windows are necessarily obscured.Thomas Thurman1-12/+21
2008-10-06Pass modified mouse button events down to panel windows instead of dealingWilliam Lachance1-2/+5
2008-08-30moving all messages about properties to the top, as a start at #549886Thomas Thurman1-32/+11
2008-08-16Ensure the user_rect is set sanely for windows that start maximized.Ted Percival1-12/+28
2008-07-13This function can now officially return NULL. Two windows can't belong toThomas Thurman1-2/+6
2008-06-29Some refactoring, simplifying, and commenting of the non-compositedThomas Thurman1-31/+5
2008-05-19Applied patch from Ed Catmur to fix #528787Iain Holmes1-1/+5
2008-05-19src/include/frame.h src/include/display.h src/include/xprops.hIain Holmes1-2/+44
2008-05-02All information should live in exactly one place. This means that the listThomas Thurman1-124/+124
2008-04-29XGetWindowAttributes can return an error value, and if it does its otherChris Wang1-14/+23
2008-03-28Don't immediately unminimize an initially iconic window (#491090)Owen Taylor1-1/+4
2008-03-19Add a screen argument. (process_property_notify): Damage the whole screenIain Holmes1-1/+4
2008-03-18Allow shaped windows _with frames_ to have shadows.Iain Holmes1-0/+2
2008-03-18newly created windows can't be considered to be above themselves; fixesMarco Pesenti Gritti1-1/+1
2008-02-27Lots of tiny fixes to make sure we compile with "gcc -ansi -Werror".Thomas Thurman1-11/+14
2008-02-18When resizing a window with the keyboard, stay one pixels from the edgesThomas Thurman1-6/+6
2008-02-02Have the list also pull windows that are in other workspaces that have theAlex R.M. Turner1-25/+26
2007-12-19sort source files into these directories according to which part of the WMHavoc Pennington1-0/+8113