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2011-01-13Fix permissionsHEADmasterSam Spilsbury1-0/+0
2010-12-10Add the ability to parse <shadow> and <padding> tags in <frame-style>Sam Spilsbury1-0/+0
2009-09-09Updated Gujarati TranslationsSweta Kothari1-1481/+63
2009-08-12Updated Gujarati TranslationsSweta Kothari1-2514/+2801
2007-08-10Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-71/+20
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2007-08-08Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-591/+856
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2006-09-13Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-86/+87
2006-04-20Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-21/+92
2006-04-19Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-457/+459
2006-02-20Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-188/+203
2006-01-23Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-156/+170
2006-01-11Updated TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-184/+216
2005-12-11Updated Gujarati TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-129/+114
2005-09-19removed outdated strings and run "make update-po".Tomasz Kłoczko1-39/+55
2005-07-21updated TranslationsAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-541/+554
2005-06-272.10.2 releaseElijah Newren1-44/+77
2005-06-27 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS: 2.10.2 release * Updated Gujarati TranslationAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-286/+231
2005-01-24Metacity 2.9.8 unstable releaseElijah Newren1-1/+1
2005-01-24 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS: Metacity 2.9.8 unstable release
2005-01-24Metacity 2.9.5 unstable release there are more stable releases beyondElijah Newren1-5/+5
2005-01-23 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS: Metacity 2.9.5 unstable release * README: there are more stable releases beyond 2.8.6...
2005-01-10Metacity 2.9.3 unstable releaseElijah Newren1-17/+17
2005-01-09 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS: Metacity 2.9.3 unstable release
2004-12-20Metacity 2.9.2 unstable releaseElijah Newren1-32/+26
2004-12-20 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS: Metacity 2.9.2 unstable release
2004-12-06Metacity 2.9.1 unstable releaseElijah Newren1-1/+1
2004-11-01 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS: Metacity 2.9.1 unstable release
2004-11-01Metacity 2.9.0 (unstable release)Elijah Newren1-128/+153
2004-11-01 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS, README: Metacity 2.9.0 (unstable release)
2004-10-112.8.6 ==Rob Adams1-29/+29
2.8.6 == This is a stable release for Gnome 2.8.1. Thanks to the Ken Harris, Kjartan Maraas, and the tireless efforts of Elijah Newren for fixes in this release. Fixes * Ensure the correct window is focused when minimizing (Elijah) * Fix keynav with mouse focus (Elijah) * Fix several race conditions in window focusing (Elijah) * Focus the top window when lowering by frame click (Ken) * Fix some compiler warnings (Kjartan) * Fix some valgrind-reported errors (Elijah) * Fix some potential issues with autoraising windows (Elijah) Translations * en_CA(Adam Weinberger), it(Luca Ferretti)
2004-09-14bump version numberRob Adams1-1/+1
2004-09-13 Rob Adams <> * bump version number * NEWS: 2.8.5 release * README: 2.8.5 release
2004-08-302.8.4 releaseElijah Newren1-54/+72
2004-08-29 Elijah Newren <> * NEWS: 2.8.4 release 20/08/2004 * Proofread gu.poAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-127/+109
2004-08-152.8.3 releaseRob Adams1-116/+135
2004-08-15 Rob Adams <> * NEWS: 2.8.3 release 09/08/04Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-392/+344 09/08/04Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-476/+447
2004-07-30*** empty log message ***Kartik B. Mistry1-65/+2
2004-04-09added gujarati translationGuntupalli Karunakar1-0/+3231