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2002-02-10add $(icon_DATA)Havoc Pennington1-2/+2
2002-02-10 Havoc Pennington <> * src/tools/ (EXTRA_DIST): add $(icon_DATA) * 2.3.55 * HACKING: update * README: update
2002-02-08grab buttons 2 and 3 also, so you can focus a window with those, #70840Havoc Pennington1-0/+1
002-02-08 Havoc Pennington <> * src/display.c (meta_display_grab_focus_window_button): grab buttons 2 and 3 also, so you can focus a window with those, #70840 (event_callback): fix this to let you focus a window with any unmodified click, and also with Alt+button1 * (AC_OUTPUT): add po/ * port to glib-gettextize, remove stupid auto-find-subdirs crap * (SUBDIRS): add po to subdirs, #70615 * src/window.c (meta_window_activate): unshaded window if shaded, I thought this was in bugzilla but I don't see it. anyway thanks whoever mentioned it to me.
2002-02-08when mapping a window with struts, invalidate the work areas it's on.Havoc Pennington1-2/+1
2002-02-08 Havoc Pennington <> * src/window.c (meta_window_show): when mapping a window with struts, invalidate the work areas it's on. Should fix at least part of the problem with windows maximizing over panels. * src/workspace.c (meta_workspace_invalidate_work_area): also queue move/resize on sticky windows * src/tools/ consolidate reload-theme, restart into a "metacity-message" app and add enable/disable keybindings to the messages it knows about. * src/keybindings.c: (meta_change_keygrab): grab keyboard synchronously (meta_display_process_key_event): if all keybindings are toggled off, ReplayKeyboard, else AsyncKeyboard, except that the debug binding for toggling back on is always processed (meta_set_keybindings_disabled): function to disable/enable all keybindings
2002-02-08if DEMO_TEST is set then run the window demoHavoc Pennington1-0/+1
2002-02-07 Havoc Pennington <> * src/ if DEMO_TEST is set then run the window demo * src/tools/metacity-window-demo.c: Create an app with all the semantic window types, for testing and for designing themes.
2002-02-07disable custom log handler and fatal mask for nowHavoc Pennington1-2/+44
2002-02-06 Havoc Pennington <> * src/main.c (main): disable custom log handler and fatal mask for now * src/theme.c (meta_draw_op_list_draw): Add META_DRAW_CLIP * src/main.c: load theme, monitor current theme setting * src/prefs.c: add "current theme" setting * src/stack.c (meta_stack_free): don't try to free last_root_children_stacked if it doesn't exist * src/themewidget.c: pluggable GtkMisc subclass to use for menu icons * src/screen.c (meta_screen_manage_all_windows): fix signed/unsigned warning * src/frames.c: port to theme system (meta_frames_style_set): chain up * theme-format.txt: new file * add more compiler warnings * src/theme.c: add various stuff needed to get theme parser working. Remove the "spacer" concept from FrameLayout object. Add draw op that references a draw op list. * require GTK 1.3.13 * src/ add theme-parser.[hc], implement loading a theme * src/theme.c: add "draw title" and "draw window icon" operations (meta_draw_op_draw): put object_width/object_height in expression environment before computing x/y. Handle out-of-memory when creating pixbufs. Assorted other cleanups.
2002-02-06add da to ALL_LINGUAS add Danish translationKenneth Rohde Christiansen1-1/+1
2002-02-07 Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <> * add da to ALL_LINGUAS * po/da.po: add Danish translation
2002-01-27Added lv to ALL_LINGUASPeteris Krisjanis1-1/+1
2002-01-27 Peteris Krisjanis <> Added lv to ALL_LINGUAS
2002-01-22Added Malay (ms)to ALL_LINGUAS. Added Malay Translation.Hasbullah Bin Pit1-1/+1
2002-01-22 Hasbullah Bin Pit <> * Added Malay (ms)to ALL_LINGUAS. * po/ms.po: Added Malay Translation.
2002-01-08add code to save ACLOCAL_FLAGSHavoc Pennington1-0/+3
2002-01-08 Havoc Pennington <> * (ACLOCAL): add code to save ACLOCAL_FLAGS * src/frames.c (meta_frames_expose_event): max dither * src/testgradient.c (render_simple): change dither mode to MAX to avoid banding * src/theme.c: lose the gradient cache, and put in some initial data types for the theme format
2002-01-06Added Turkish translation by Gorkem.Fatih Demir1-1/+1
2001-12-27Added portuguese to ALL_LINGUASDuarte Loreto1-1/+1
2001-12-27 Duarte Loreto <> * Added portuguese to ALL_LINGUAS
2001-12-16Added "no" to ALL_LINGUAS.Kjartan Maraas1-1/+1
2001-12-16 Kjartan Maraas <> * Added "no" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2001-12-11Adde "sk" to ALL_LINGUAS.Stanislav Visnovsky1-1/+1
2001-12-11 Stanislav Visnovsky <> * Adde "sk" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2001-12-09move SM init a bit later in the process, and init prefsHavoc Pennington1-3/+11
2001-12-09 Havoc Pennington <> * src/main.c (main): move SM init a bit later in the process, and init prefs * src/session.c: fix no SM case (though I hardly know why I'm bothering) * src/main.c (main): call bindtextdomain * src/util.h (_): actually call gettext * put in AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT and gconf stuff * src/prefs.c: Preferences - this marks the beginning of our doom. None of them are actually implemented yet, but we monitor some stuff from gconf.
2001-11-26Added Galician translationJesus Bravo Alvarez1-1/+1
2001-11-20Add some additional quoting to make it work with autoconf-2.5x.Owen Taylor1-2/+2
Tue Nov 20 18:49:16 2001 Owen Taylor <> * (found_sm): Add some additional quoting to make it work with autoconf-2.5x.
2001-10-30bump versionHavoc Pennington1-3/+3
2001-10-29 Havoc Pennington <> * bump version
2001-10-29Added Ukrainian TranslationYuri Syrota1-1/+1
2001-10-15add a restart feature, for debuggingHavoc Pennington1-0/+2
2001-10-15 Havoc Pennington <> * src/main.c (meta_restart): add a restart feature, for debugging * src/tools/metacity-restart.c: little utility program to trigger the restart
2001-10-14Added Spanish translationHector Garcia1-1/+1
2001-10-14Added russian translation.Valek Frob1-1/+1
2001-10-13add bad hack to work with GTK RPMs from gnomehide for nowHavoc Pennington1-1/+7
2001-10-13 Havoc Pennington <> * add bad hack to work with GTK RPMs from gnomehide for now * src/ui.c: another piece of bad hack in here
2001-10-13bump versionHavoc Pennington1-1/+1
2001-10-13 Havoc Pennington <> * bump version
2001-10-11Added "sv" to ALL_LINGUAS. Added Swedish translation. Added files. AddedChristian Rose1-1/+1
2001-10-11 Christian Rose <> * Added "sv" to ALL_LINGUAS. * po/sv.po: Added Swedish translation. * po/ Added files. * po/.cvsignore: Added messages and *.pot.
2001-09-17ref the returned icon, oops.Havoc Pennington1-1/+1
2001-09-17 Havoc Pennington <> * src/ui.c (meta_ui_get_default_mini_icon): (meta_ui_get_default_window_icon): ref the returned icon, oops. * src/main.c (main): get the GLib warning/error output into the metacity logfile, set warnings to be always fatal * bump version to 2.3.13 * src/window.c (get_text_property): hrm, fix bug where we didn't check errors on XGetTextProperty
2001-09-17use the inline image data for default iconHavoc Pennington1-0/+8
2001-09-17 Havoc Pennington <> * src/ui.c: use the inline image data for default icon * src/common.h (META_MINI_ICON_HEIGHT): move icon size defines here * src/ Create an inlinepixbufs.h header with inline images
2001-09-16new functionHavoc Pennington1-10/+1
2001-09-16 Havoc Pennington <> * src/window.c (meta_window_lower): new function * bump version to 2.3.8 * src/display.c (event_callback): raise dock on enter notify, lower it on leave notify (need to refine this behavior) * src/stack.c (compute_layer): experiment with putting the panel in the normal layer, and raising it on mouseover
2001-09-16add support for a mini icon in the titlebar (update_icon): re-enableHavoc Pennington1-2/+8
2001-09-15 Havoc Pennington <> * src/window.c: add support for a mini icon in the titlebar (update_icon): re-enable support for _NET_WM_ICON * src/session.c (save_state): add an ferror check when writing session file
2001-09-06bump version 2.3.5, require newer GTK releaseHavoc Pennington1-2/+2
2001-09-06 Havoc Pennington <> * bump version 2.3.5, require newer GTK release
2001-08-06draw animation for shading tooHavoc Pennington1-1/+1
2001-08-06 Havoc Pennington <> * src/window.c (meta_window_shade): draw animation for shading too
2001-08-03push error trap around configure of withdrawn window, fixes a crash causedHavoc Pennington1-1/+2
2001-08-03 Havoc Pennington <> * src/display.c (event_callback): push error trap around configure of withdrawn window, fixes a crash caused by rapidly creating/destroying a window. * src/window.c (recalc_window_features): don't allow shading undecorated windows. * src/wm-tester/main.c: add a program to torture window managers.