AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-08-302.8.4 releaseElijah Newren66-2529/+2700
2004-08-30Disable focus-stealing-prevention for now; there are still some issues andElijah Newren2-0/+10
2004-08-29Updated Greek Translation.Kostas Papadimas2-209/+140
2004-08-28Updated Spanish translationFrancisco Javier F. Serrador2-98/+76
2004-08-27add comment about broken assertionHavoc Pennington1-0/+1
2004-08-27disable NameWindowPixmap stuff always for now, it seemed kind of bustedHavoc Pennington3-31/+45
2004-08-27Prevent an assertion failure that can occur after increasing the number ofElijah Newren3-2/+27
2004-08-27delete extra copy of find_argb_visual so things compileHavoc Pennington3-73/+96
2004-08-27couple of cosmetic tweaks from resolving my local patch with the bugzillaHavoc Pennington3-3/+65
2004-08-27move the have_xrender variable initialization up in the file since it canHavoc Pennington8-41/+229
2004-08-26Updated Basque translation.Iñaki Larrañaga2-217/+120
2004-08-26Make dialogs that Metacity shows follow focus-stealing-preventionElijah Newren7-30/+132
2004-08-25Updated Ukrainian translation.Maxim Dziumanenko2-239/+167
2004-08-21Updated Catalan translation.Jordi Mallach2-84/+18
2004-08-20Updated Albanian translation.Laurent Dhima2-7/+14
2004-08-20Move wireframe code before grab is released to prevent endless loops withSoeren Sandmann2-15/+21 20/08/2004 * Proofread gu.poAnkitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-127/+109
2004-08-19track the last_xor_rect separately from the current window size, and thenHavoc Pennington6-29/+81
2004-08-18Updated Finnish translation.Pauli Virtanen2-87/+21
2004-08-18Updated Albanian translation.Laurent Dhima2-1/+5
2004-08-17Added "bs" to ALL_LINGUAS. Added Bosnian translation by Kemal SanjtaChristian Rose4-1/+3207
2004-08-16Translation updated.Metin Amiroff2-138/+42
2004-08-16Added nb to ALL_LINGUAS.Kjartan Maraas2-1/+5
2004-08-16Added this here.Kjartan Maraas2-0/+3284
2004-08-15Bump version to 2.8.4Rob Adams2-1/+5
2004-08-152.8.3 releaseRob Adams64-9289/+12091
2004-08-15use height and top/bottom struts to compute gap (copy/paste bug).Rob Adams2-2/+7
2004-08-15Allow struts larger than 1/2 the screen width/height, as long as there's aRob Adams2-18/+34
2004-08-15Updated Korean translationChangwoo Ryu2-18/+19
2004-08-13Unified po headers for Finnish TeamTommi Vainikainen2-2/+5
2004-08-13*** empty log message ***Ghorban Mohammad Tavakkoli4-1/+2663
2004-08-11ru.po: Updated Russian translation from Russian team <>.Dmitry Mastrukov2-223/+225
2004-08-10Updated Polish translation by GNOME PL Team.Artur Flinta2-287/+301
2004-08-09I forgot to reference bug 149366 in a previous ChangeLog entryElijah Newren1-1/+1 09/08/04Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-392/+344
2004-08-09checkAmanpreet Singh Alam1-900/+878 09/08/04Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel1-476/+447
2004-08-09New function. Use it here to synchronize with the hardware between eachSoeren Sandmann3-2/+26
2004-08-08Add #ifdef around XSYNC code; fixes compile problem if XSYNC is disabled.Rob Adams2-0/+8
2004-08-08Flush after setting cursor. (Rest of #149413).Soeren Sandmann2-0/+6
2004-08-08activating the current workspace should be a no-op. This prevents a raceElijah Newren2-5/+16
2004-08-08Revert Rob's 2004-07-31 patch that ignored net_wm_user_time whenElijah Newren3-9/+12
2004-08-07Remove some extraneous items that could sometimes appear in the windowRob Adams3-6/+30
2004-08-07add XFlush() after setting cursor, #149413Havoc Pennington2-0/+6
2004-08-07Updated Serbian translation.Danilo Šegan3-1359/+583
2004-08-07Focusing a window upon unshowing the desktop in various ways (panel appletElijah Newren2-1/+12
2004-08-06prevent keyboard from "getting locked" upon workspace switch, by makingElijah Newren2-1/+16
2004-08-06Updated Simplified Chinese translationFunda Wang2-162/+162
2004-08-062004-08-06 Updated ja.po. T.Aihana <>Updated ja.po. T.Aihana2-577/+572
2004-08-05Have newly mapped windows that are denied focus appear after the focusedElijah Newren2-2/+61