AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-08-16ru.po: Updated Russian translation.Dmitry Mastrukov2-168/+211
2002-08-15default to "Sans Bold 10" for the titlebar font.Havoc Pennington2-1/+6
2002-08-15leave has_fullscreen_func set to TRUE if the window is screen sized andHavoc Pennington7-3/+125
2002-08-14In XGrabPointer, set the confine_to argument to the root window of theJayaraj Rajappan4-2/+17
2002-08-14use button positioning theme stuff.James M. Cape2-71/+59
2002-08-14move from workspace.c. (update_num_workspaces): set the hint here. FixesMark McLoughlin3-30/+34
2002-08-13Updated Danish translation.Ole Laursen2-168/+173
2002-08-12window is in fullscreen layer if any member of its group is fullscreenHavoc Pennington11-24/+358
2002-08-12Updated Swedish translation.Christian Rose2-43/+48
2002-08-12Updated Slovak translation.Stanislav Visnovsky2-88/+72
2002-08-12don't include nonexistent stock-icons.h fileHavoc Pennington2-1/+4
2002-08-11ru.po: Updated Russian translation.Dmitry Mastrukov2-39/+43
2002-08-10default keybindings for move, resize, maximize, etc. from Deepa #78999Havoc Pennington2-3/+8
2002-08-10unshade window if shaded, from JeyaSudha (meta_window_make_fullscreen):Havoc Pennington2-0/+12
2002-08-10reorder the menu items so that Close is at the bottomHavoc Pennington3-1/+16
2002-08-10allow Motif hints to be smaller than expected; GLUT for example seems toHavoc Pennington3-7/+30
2002-08-10be sure window is mapped if we unmanage it and it's not withdrawn; bugHavoc Pennington4-18/+29
2002-08-10raise window when moving to another workspace bug #88896Havoc Pennington3-0/+10
2002-08-10Register window menu icons with the Gtk stock system, instead of using theJorn Baayen8-83/+77
2002-08-10filter out key events that happen on popup menus etc.Havoc Pennington5-1/+40
2002-08-10"2002-08-10 He Qiangqiang <>He Qiangqiang2-14/+19
2002-08-10track time to avoid sending a deluge of move/resize requests, suggestionHavoc Pennington4-1/+66
2002-08-10add a FIXME comment with a link to bug #90382Havoc Pennington2-0/+24
2002-08-09disable maximize, fullscreen, shade via keybindings on windows that don'tHavoc Pennington2-3/+9
2002-08-09Patch to provide extra cues to the user when using window menu move andCraig Black7-88/+352
2002-08-09update comment also set expected focus window when setting input focus.Craig Black3-2/+9
2002-08-08Updated Japanese translation.Akira TAGOH2-248/+250
2002-08-08focus top window after showing desktop, fixes #88080.Craig Black2-7/+22
2002-08-08focus window on right click for menu, #87299.Craig Black2-0/+8
2002-08-08clear expected focus window on openCraig Black4-2/+36
2002-08-08Updated Spanish translation.Pablo Gonzalo del Campo2-63/+41
2002-08-07update layer (meta_window_make_fullscreen): update layerHavoc Pennington3-5/+18
2002-08-07implement _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE enhancements, see #90077.Craig Black2-29/+64
2002-08-06Update German translation by Christian Neumair <>Manuel Borchers2-139/+484
2002-08-062.4.0Havoc Pennington25-6643/+8204
2002-08-06add bug on panel-on-top to rationales.txtHavoc Pennington1-0/+1
2002-08-06disable animation when shading windows, just doesn't really convey theHavoc Pennington9-107/+1151
2002-08-06`head -4 ChangeLog`He Qiangqiang2-1/+5
2002-08-05Set wm_state_skip_pager instead of skip_pager (ditto for _tasklist) so that t...Ross Burton2-2/+8
2002-08-05Added simplified Chinese translation from Sun G11nHe Qiangqiang2-0/+2533
2002-08-04Fixed Swedish translation.Christian Rose2-40/+45
2002-08-04init button states for the button backgroundsHavoc Pennington3-5/+29
2002-08-04Updated Norwegian (bokmål) translation.Kjartan Maraas2-70/+135
2002-08-04raise/focus on click, even if the click was on the client area (this makesHavoc Pennington6-9/+30
2002-08-04set active_workspace to NULL. Also actually activate the first workspaceMark McLoughlin3-10/+31
2002-08-04use MetaMenuIconType not button type for the size of the menu ops arrayHavoc Pennington8-27/+123
2002-08-03change alt+tab to a windowless grab, fixes #83499Craig Black2-11/+11
2002-08-03Have ButtonPress and UnmapNotify events account for a null grab window,Craig Black2-27/+36
2002-08-03Fixed some clipping issues with the Bright theme.Gaute Lindkvist2-35/+19
2002-08-01Implements support for _NET_WM_ALLOWED_ACTIONS. Fixes #84282.Mark McLoughlin5-3/+144