AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2003-01-28Reinstated visual-bell patch, fix for bug 99886.Bill Haneman14-6/+391
2003-01-25Updated French translation.Christophe Merlet2-3/+3
2003-01-25Updated french translation.Christophe Merlet2-517/+554
2003-01-25When checking if a window is fullscreen size, only require it to be at theHavoc Pennington3-8/+41
2003-01-25Updated Norwegian (bokmal) translation.Kjartan Maraas2-180/+70
2003-01-23Updated Simplified Chinese translation by Xiong JiangHe Qiangqiang2-702/+354
2003-01-23ru.po: Updated Russian translation from Russian team <>.Dmitry Mastrukov2-138/+144
2003-01-23Updated traditional Chinese translation.Abel Cheung2-332/+402
2003-01-23small code snippet to fix startup sequences that set legacy class/nameHavoc Pennington2-15/+68
2003-01-22do not read sizeof(long) off the X connection. The X protocol does notHavoc Pennington2-1/+7
2003-01-22fix conditional so we get metacity-properties.c in the distributionHavoc Pennington2-2/+5
2003-01-22be robust against the panel's lame "set a negative number for struts"Havoc Pennington2-0/+20
2003-01-22Fix for the "mangles focus window when switching workspaces and usingHavoc Pennington9-67/+217
2003-01-22Added "mn" to ALL_LINGUAS. Added Mongolian translation by Ochirbat BatzayaChristian Rose4-1/+2731
2003-01-21only hop window to the current workspace if the window was previouslyHavoc Pennington3-44/+189
2003-01-21ru.po: Updated Russian translation from Russian team <>.Dmitry Mastrukov2-156/+99
2003-01-21Updated Ukrainian translationYuri Syrota1-2/+2
2003-01-21Updated Norwegian (bokmal) translation.Kjartan Maraas2-12/+16
2003-01-20Updated German translation.Christian Neumair2-376/+380
2003-01-20ru.po: Updated Russian translation from Russian team <>.Dmitry Mastrukov2-1/+6
2003-01-20ru.po: Updated Russian translation from Russian team <>.Dmitry Mastrukov2-1/+6
2003-01-20ru.po: Updated Russian translation from Russian team <>.Dmitry Mastrukov2-55/+67
2003-01-19add note about how this is the unstable branch, set version to 2.5.0Havoc Pennington2-1/+7
2003-01-19Updated traditional Chinese translation, and replaced copyright symbolAbel Cheung2-232/+355
2003-01-19Updated Slovenian translationAndraz Tori1-0/+2417
2003-01-19Added sl to ALL_LINGUASAndraz Tori1-1/+1
2003-01-17translation updateGustavo Noronha Silva2-36/+52
2003-01-17First checkin.Seth Nickell0-0/+0
2003-01-17Initial revisionSeth Nickell6-0/+337
2003-01-16Dutch translation updated by Tino Meinen.Vincent van Adrighem2-24/+29
2003-01-16Dutch translation updated by Tino Meinen.Vincent van Adrighem2-61/+132
2003-01-16recalc_window_features() after making these changes, should fix #103317Havoc Pennington2-0/+11
2003-01-15Increase the number of run_command bindings in screen_bindings from 12 toRob Adams4-0/+91
2003-01-15Full Bulgarian translation by Alexander Shopov <>.Yanko Kaneti2-431/+783
2003-01-14Updating Amharic translation.Daniel Yacob1-4/+4
2003-01-11implement compression of motion events (drop all but the most recentlyHavoc Pennington2-7/+79
2003-01-11add ability to --disable-shapeHavoc Pennington3-1/+18
2003-01-11Updated Norwegian (bokmal) translation.Kjartan Maraas2-45/+37
2003-01-11fix the behavior of --enable-*.Akira TAGOH2-6/+10
2003-01-10revert that change, I got the wrong .desktop file. doh.Havoc Pennington2-2/+5
2003-01-10don't install .desktop file for properties dialog if we aren'tHavoc Pennington2-2/+11
2003-01-10Dutch translation updated by Tino Meinen.Vincent van Adrighem2-50/+58
2003-01-10Updated Hungarian translation.Andras Timar2-49/+58
2003-01-10ja.po: Minor fix.Yukihiro Nakai2-1/+5
2003-01-102.4.13Havoc Pennington4-4/+50
2003-01-10Use a line for the titlebar text bg.James M. Cape2-5/+10
2003-01-09argh, we were making all dialogs skip taskbar; when did that get added.Havoc Pennington2-1/+11
2003-01-09change Windows+click back to Alt+click, Windows+click just surprisedHavoc Pennington2-1/+8
2003-01-09Dutch translation updated by Tino Meinen.Vincent van Adrighem2-73/+88
2003-01-09assign Alt+F12 to shade window, per #102658Havoc Pennington2-1/+6