AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-05-01Xlib doesn't like NULL for out arguments; fix for #80472 from lbedfordHavoc Pennington3-2/+14
2002-05-01finish mopping up mode_switch_mask fieldHavoc Pennington3-7/+9
2002-05-01don't try to decorate toolbars.Havoc Pennington8-34/+229
2002-04-30oops, fix maximization. Pointed out by Gustavo GiráldezHavoc Pennington2-10/+16
2002-04-30give Maximize/Unmaximize and Shade/Unshade the same mnemonic forJonathan Blandford2-2/+7
2002-04-29require 36 pixels onscreen so you typically get a sliver of titlebar,Havoc Pennington2-35/+20
2002-04-29always raise windows on focus click, regardless of focus mode.Havoc Pennington2-8/+6
2002-04-292.3.144Havoc Pennington17-1810/+6922
2002-04-29don't leak the PangoContextHavoc Pennington2-0/+5
2002-04-28Add support for setting the _NET_WM_WORKAREA hint. No code does it yetAnders Carlsson5-3/+55
2002-04-28remove caveats about keybindingsHavoc Pennington18-457/+2479
2002-04-25Updated Polish translation by GNOME PL Team <>Chyla Zbigniew2-348/+612
2002-04-25fix to install gconf schemasHavoc Pennington2-1/+20
2002-04-25g_file_get_contents() takes a gsize not int (fixes bus error on 64-bitjacob berkman2-1/+6
2002-04-25Updated Korean translation from Young-Ho Cha <>.Changwoo Ryu2-323/+982
2002-04-24Updated Ukrainian translationYuri Syrota1-240/+754
2002-04-22call setlocale ourselves because due to a GLib bug that sticks us in ASCIIHavoc Pennington4-7/+43
2002-04-22Updated Norwegian (bokmål) translation.Kjartan Maraas2-315/+579
2002-04-22add error trap, fixes a possible BadWindow if a window closed itself inHavoc Pennington2-1/+9
2002-04-22never revert to user_rect.width, user_rect.height. Maybe fixes assortedHavoc Pennington2-5/+15
2002-04-21Add padding if icon width and height differ.Anders Carlsson2-0/+26
2002-04-21query Xinerama screen information if HAVE_XINERAMAHavoc Pennington7-2/+111
2002-04-19Updated Korean translation from Young-Ho Cha <>.Changwoo Ryu2-391/+331
2002-04-17fix a couple spec file glitchesHavoc Pennington1-2/+2
2002-04-17Added ko (Korean).Changwoo Ryu2-1/+5
2002-04-17Added Korean translation from Young-Ho Cha <>.Changwoo Ryu2-0/+489
2002-04-16add ja.po entry.Akira TAGOH2-1/+5
2002-04-16Add Japanese translation.Akira TAGOH2-0/+1036
2002-04-16fix issue with GNU libc mangling %.10s formatHavoc Pennington10-2500/+1530
2002-04-16spec file, copying to home machineHavoc Pennington1-0/+52
2002-04-16Added some file(s). Synced with source tree.Abel Cheung3-6/+17
2002-04-15reply immediately for windows that don't support _NET_WM_PINGHavoc Pennington4-3/+24
2002-04-15Updated Polish translation by GNOME PL Team <>Chyla Zbigniew2-55/+139
2002-04-13same fix as libwnck, avoid using cmap with the wrong depthHavoc Pennington2-0/+14
2002-04-13new file containing all the wacky mess I just added to a simple "click theHavoc Pennington7-115/+608
2002-04-12make one of the toolbar buttons lock up the demoHavoc Pennington5-4/+180
2002-04-10fix alpha multiplication routine to perhaps work correctly, reported byHavoc Pennington2-8/+27
2002-04-05remove the unused tab stuffHavoc Pennington10-223/+118
2002-03-31Make sure all menu items are translated.Johan Dahlin2-2/+7
2002-03-28Updated Norwegian (bokmål) translation.Kjartan Maraas2-17/+21
2002-03-28remove unmanaged windows from save set, and unselect input so we don't getHavoc Pennington2-1/+20
2002-03-27Updated Norwegian (bokmål) translation.Kjartan Maraas2-22/+42
2002-03-22Added Polish translation.Zbigniew Chyla2-0/+978
2002-03-22Added pl (Polish).Zbigniew Chyla2-1/+5
2002-03-22Added "Bright" theme from Gaute Lindkvist, with some small clipping tweaksHavoc Pennington3-0/+370
2002-03-19disable the little shaped windows with the window size, they caused aHavoc Pennington2-0/+11
2002-03-17turn off the tick marks, that got annoying after about 5 minutes. One bigHavoc Pennington2-0/+9
2002-03-17Add some total crackrock resize-grid indication for windows that haveHavoc Pennington9-33/+1199
2002-03-17use proper property name for SmDiscardCommand (instead of setting theHavoc Pennington2-3/+13
2002-03-14put back --sm-client-id argument, needed for including us in a defaultHavoc Pennington5-28/+68