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+ <schema>
+ <key>/schemas/apps/metacity/general/disable_workarounds</key>
+ <applyto>/apps/metacity/general/disable_workarounds</applyto>
+ <owner>metacity</owner>
+ <type>bool</type>
+ <default>false</default>
+ <locale name="C">
+ <short>Disable misfeatures that are required by old or broken
+ applications</short>
+ <long>
+ Some applications break specifications in ways that result
+ in window manager misfeatures. For example, ideally Metacity
+ would place all dialogs in a consistent position with
+ respect to their parent window. This requires ignoring
+ application-specified positions for dialogs. But some
+ versions of Java/Swing mark their popup menus as dialogs,
+ so Metacity has to disable dialog positioning to allow
+ menus to work in broken Java applications. There are
+ several other examples like this.
+ This option puts Metacity in full-on Correct mode, which
+ perhaps gives a moderately nicer UI if you don't need to run
+ any broken apps. Sadly, workarounds must be enabled by
+ default; the real world is an ugly place.
+ Some of the workarounds are workarounds for limitations in
+ the specifications themselves, so sometimes a bug
+ in no-workarounds mode won't be fixable without
+ amending a spec.
+ </long>
+ </locale>
+ </schema>