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+2005-01-02 Elijah Newren <>
+ Provide more documentation to make it easier for people to
+ contribute to Metacity
+ * HACKING: Add lots of information to extend this document: more
+ on relevant standards and X properties, lots of information on
+ debugging and testing, and add a list of some other important
+ things to read; also move some information to
+ src/code-overview.txt and organize this file into sections.
+ * src/code-overview.txt: New file including some small parts from
+ the old HACKING file and lots of new stuff. This file gives a
+ brief overview of some of the bigger structures and files, with
+ guides for a variety of task categories providing places to start
+ looking in the code and things to look for.
2004-12-28 Elijah Newren <>
Allow users to move the window around immediately after