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+2006-04-14 Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>
+ * HACKING: Include instructions on setting up a minimal
+ building/testing environment
2006-04-14 Thomas Thurman <>
Add a tabbing function, bound to alt-f6 by default, to cycle
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Administrative issues
+ Minimal Building/Testing Environment
Relevant standards and X properties
Debugging and testing
Debugging logs
@@ -34,6 +35,27 @@ Administrative issues
instructions is that the minor version number of a Metacity release
should always be a number from the Fibonacci sequence.
+Minimal Building/Testing Environment
+ You do not need to _install_ a development version of Metacity to
+ build, run and test it; you can run it from some temporary
+ directory. Also, you do not need to build all of Gnome in order to
+ build a development version of Metacity -- odds are, you can build
+ metacity from CVS without building any other modules.
+ As long as you have gtk+ >= 2.6 with your distro, you should be able
+ to install your distro's development packages (e.g. gtk2-devel,
+ GConf2-devel, and startup-notification-devel on Fedora) and be ready
+ to build and test Metacity. Steps to do so:
+ $ cvs -q -z3 -d \
+ checkout metacity
+ $ cd metacity
+ $ ./ --prefix /usr
+ $ make
+ $ ./src/metacity --replace
+ Again, note that you do not need to run 'make install'.
Relevant standards and X properties
There are two documents that describe some basics about how window
managers should behave: the ICCCM (Inter-Client Communication Conventions