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authorHavoc Pennington <>2002-10-21 21:44:35 +0000
committerHavoc Pennington <>2002-10-21 21:44:35 +0000
commitc6b475b251184dc59aa17fe82e505a9fbe8b0aab (patch)
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Optimizations for managing new windows (do not all take effect if
2002-10-21 Havoc Pennington <> Optimizations for managing new windows (do not all take effect if METACITY_DEBUG=1). Bug #96404 * src/keybindings.c (meta_change_keygrab): use error trap nesting and conditionalize on meta_is_verbose() to avoid a ton of XSync * src/display.c (meta_change_button_grab): ditto Throughout: move to new error trap setup to save on XSync calls, new setup is: * src/errors.c (meta_error_trap_push_with_return): new function, an error trap that needs to care about return value and thus sync even if an outer trap still exists (meta_error_trap_pop_with_return): new function (meta_error_trap_pop): add "last_request_was_roundtrip" argument allowing us to avoid XSync() if we just did a GetProperty or whatever. * src/util.c (meta_warning): flush the warning file descriptor * src/ (INCLUDES): define G_LOG_DOMAIN
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diff --git a/src/wm-tester/test-gravity.c b/src/wm-tester/test-gravity.c
index 0773af2..10c4bcb 100644
--- a/src/wm-tester/test-gravity.c
+++ b/src/wm-tester/test-gravity.c
@@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ double screen_y_fraction[3] = { 0, 0.5, 1.0 };
int screen_width;
int screen_height;
-void calculate_position (int i, int *x, int *y)
+static void
+calculate_position (int i, int *x, int *y)
if (i == 9)