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authorHavoc Pennington <>2001-08-06 07:58:49 +0000
committerrhp <rhp>2001-08-06 07:58:49 +0000
commit11b14d327f72a941c8a6db31077ad41b86c2cf80 (patch)
tree1568316f4408573516da05bc8d50990d7444bc40 /src/ui.h
parentd8561cb4c33d761907fb34299706729a013d06cf (diff)
add opaque minimize/shade feature. The wireframe seemed kind of confusing
2001-08-06 Havoc Pennington <> * src/effects.c: add opaque minimize/shade feature. The wireframe seemed kind of confusing and unclear from a UI standpoint. I know, I know. The bloat begins here. Also, we don't need to grab the server during opaque min/shade, which has some nice implications. * src/ui.c: Add features to render a window with an image in it, and also wrap pixbuf_from_drawable * src/effects.c (meta_effects_draw_box_animation): modify to be smoother (at least theoretically) by syncing to current time and "dropping frames" as appropriate. * src/window.c (meta_window_shade): draw animation for shading too
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1 files changed, 22 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/src/ui.h b/src/ui.h
index 874fdfc..6c03ae6 100644
--- a/src/ui.h
+++ b/src/ui.h
@@ -22,13 +22,16 @@
#ifndef META_UI_H
#define META_UI_H
-/* Don't include gtk.h here */
+/* Don't include gtk.h or gdk.h here */
#include "common.h"
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <glib.h>
+#include <gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf.h>
typedef struct _MetaUI MetaUI;
+typedef struct _MetaImageWindow MetaImageWindow;
typedef gboolean (* MetaEventFunc) (XEvent *xevent, gpointer data);
void meta_ui_init (int *argc, char ***argv);
@@ -88,5 +91,22 @@ void meta_ui_window_menu_popup (MetaWindowMenu *menu,
void meta_ui_window_menu_free (MetaWindowMenu *menu);
+MetaImageWindow* meta_image_window_new (void);
+void meta_image_window_free (MetaImageWindow *iw);
+void meta_image_window_set_showing (MetaImageWindow *iw,
+ gboolean showing);
+void meta_image_window_set_image (MetaImageWindow *iw,
+ GdkPixbuf *pixbuf);
+void meta_image_window_set_position (MetaImageWindow *iw,
+ int x,
+ int y);
+GdkPixbuf* meta_gdk_pixbuf_get_from_window (GdkPixbuf *dest,
+ Window xwindow,
+ int src_x,
+ int src_y,
+ int dest_x,
+ int dest_y,
+ int width,
+ int height);