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put in some kind of distinctive frame for UTILITY, though it's ugly. Also
2002-02-09 Havoc Pennington <> * src/themes/Atlanta/metacity-theme-1.xml: put in some kind of distinctive frame for UTILITY, though it's ugly. Also put in the borderless look for maximized windows. * src/stack.c (compute_layer): put splash screen in the splash layer * src/stack.h (enum): create a splash screen layer * src/place.c (meta_window_place): center splashscreen, and fix a typo in the centering code * src/window.c (recalc_window_features): disable most features on splash screens * src/screen.c (set_supported_hint): add UTILITY and SPLASHSCREEN hints * src/window.c: add UTILITY, SPLASHSCREEN implementation * src/window.h (enum): add UTILITY, SPLASHSCREEN types * src/theme-parser.c (parse_toplevel_element): parser support for has_title attribute * src/theme.c (meta_frame_layout_get_borders): handle a has_title field in the layout, for utility windows that don't display a title (would be better to be able to shrink the title text, but that's kind of tricky to implement :-/)
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diff --git a/src/theme.h b/src/theme.h
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--- a/src/theme.h
+++ b/src/theme.h
@@ -78,6 +78,9 @@ struct _MetaFrameLayout
/* Space around buttons */
GtkBorder button_border;
+ /* Whether title text will be displayed */
+ guint has_title : 1;