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authorElijah Newren <newren gmail com>2006-05-15 18:46:26 +0000
committerElijah Newren <>2006-05-15 18:46:26 +0000
commit1a161083100d56b6cfd2a3fda04dcfdc746a9f9e (patch)
tree74154003ae5a96dc006f5f7c1f2f1165f7c5fccd /src/tabpopup.c
parent3cb72d338c1b0f376f2429d75fc886f841f1a833 (diff)
Revert the accessibility module loading workaround from Gnome 2.6, since
2006-05-15 Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> Revert the accessibility module loading workaround from Gnome 2.6, since gtk+ has long since fixed this for us. #123372. * src/ remove METACITY_LIBDIR define * src/main.c (find_accessibility_module, accessibility_invoke_module, accessibility_invoke, main): remove the first three of these functions and all calls to them * src/tabpopup.c (meta_ui_tab_popup_new): not sure if this part of 120025 needed to be reverted but doing the reversion, if wrong, is the best way to get someone from the accessibility team to scream, er, I mean comment. ;-)
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/src/tabpopup.c b/src/tabpopup.c
index 33f3203..a92b021 100644
--- a/src/tabpopup.c
+++ b/src/tabpopup.c
@@ -154,7 +154,6 @@ meta_ui_tab_popup_new (const MetaTabEntry *entries,
GList *tmp;
GtkWidget *frame;
int max_label_width; /* the actual max width of the labels we create */
- AtkObject *obj;
int max_chars_per_title; /* max chars we allow in a label */
GdkScreen *screen;
@@ -281,9 +280,6 @@ meta_ui_tab_popup_new (const MetaTabEntry *entries,
popup->label = gtk_label_new ("");
- obj = gtk_widget_get_accessible (popup->label);
- atk_object_set_role (obj, ATK_ROLE_STATUSBAR);
gtk_misc_set_padding (GTK_MISC (popup->label), 3, 3);
gtk_box_pack_end (GTK_BOX (vbox), popup->label, FALSE, FALSE, 0);