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make the check for whether to eat focus click a lot more complicated
2002-01-27 Havoc Pennington <> * src/display.c (event_callback): make the check for whether to eat focus click a lot more complicated * src/window.c (meta_window_same_application): new function * src/prefs.h, src/prefs.c: add application based pref * src/metacity.schemas: add "application_based" setting to give me a mode to fool with being application based, without being unusable in the meantime. Yeah the crack flows freely these days. Everyone knew it would happen.
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+ <schema>
+ <key>/schemas/apps/metacity/general/application_based</key>
+ <applyto>/apps/metacity/general/application_based</applyto>
+ <owner>metacity</owner>
+ <type>bool</type>
+ <default>false</default>
+ <locale name="C">
+ <short>Navigation works in terms of applications not windows</short>
+ <long>
+ If true, then Metacity works in terms of applications rather
+ than windows. The concept is a bit abstract, but
+ in general an application-based setup is more like
+ the Mac and less like Windows. When you focus a window
+ in application-based mode, all the windows in the
+ application will be raised. Also, in application-based
+ mode, focus clicks are not passed through to windows
+ in other applications.
+ The existence of this setting is somewhat questionable.
+ But it's better than having settings for all the specific
+ details of application-based vs. window-based, e.g.
+ whether to pass through clicks. Also, application-based mode
+ is largely unimplemented at the moment.
+ </long>
+ </locale>
+ </schema>