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Added "above" to the list of flags a frame can have, so that we know when
* common.h: Added "above" to the list of flags a frame can have, so that we know when to mark it as always on top. Added six grab ops, one to do and one to undo each of the three new titlebar buttons (shade, above, stick). Added six new button functions, similarly. (#96229) * frame.c (meta_frame_get_flags): If a frame has the WM_STATE_ABOVE X attribute, set META_FRAME_ABOVE in its flags. * frames.c (meta_frames_apply_shapes): Allow variable amounts of rounding. (#113162) * frames.c (show_tip_now, meta_frames_paint_to_drawable, control_rect, get_control): extend handling of existing buttons to the 3*2 new kinds of button. (#96229) * frames.c (meta_frames_button_press_event): translate clicks on the 3*2 new kinds of button to the new grab ops. (#96229) * frames.c (meta_frames_button_release_event): implement the various actions for the 3*2 new kinds of button. (#96229) * frames.c (meta_frames_update_prelit_control, meta_frames_motion_notify_event): extend existing motion notifications for buttons to the 3*2 new kinds of button. (#96229) * frames.c (meta_frames_set_window_background): handle specified background colours and alpha transparency. (#151261) * frames.h (MetaFrameControl): New control types for the 3*2 new kinds of button. (#96229) * iconcache.[ch] (meta_read_icons): use theme's fallback icons if a window has no icon; use metacity's fallback icons only if the theme does not provide any. (#11363) * iconcache.[ch] (meta_invalidate_default_icons (new function)): clear icon cache on windows using default icons, and update them. (#11363) * main.c (main): added \n to error message. * prefs.c (button_function_from_string): extend for 3 new button types. (#96229) * prefs.c (button_opposite_function (new function)): return a button function's inverse (shade -> unshade, etc) (#96229) * prefs.c (update_button_layout): allocate space for a button's inverse, if it has one. (#96229) * theme-parser.c (ParseState): add state for fallback icons (#11363) * theme-parser.c (ParseInfo): add format_version; remove menu_icon_* (#114305) * theme-parser.c (parse_positive_integer): add lookup for integer constants (#331356) * theme-parser.c (parse_rounding (new function)): parse window rounding amount (#113162) * theme-parser.c (parse_alpha): don't set error if the number can't be parsed since it'll already be set; change tolerance in comparison from 1e6 to 1e-6 * theme-parser.c (parse_color (new function)): parse colour, including possible constant lookup. * theme-parser.c (parse_toplevel_element): allow defining of various new kinds of constant; allow hide_buttons (#121639) and more detailed rounding attributes on <frame_geometry> (#113162); allow background and alpha attributes on <frame_style>; (#151261) remove support for <menu_icon> except as stub; (#114305) add support for loading stock images (#113465); add support for <fallback>. (#11363)) * theme-parser.c (parse_draw_op_element): add from and to attribute for arcs. (#121603) * theme-parser.c (parse_style_element): add check for theme version supporting a button function. (#96229) * theme-parser.c (parse_style_set_element): add ability for shaded windows to be resizable (#114304) * theme-parser.c (meta_theme_load): add theme versioning routine. * theme.c ( meta_frame_layout_get_borders): return rectangles for the new 3*2 kinds of button, except where they're inapplicable. (#96229) * theme.c (meta_frame_layout_calc_geometry): don't format buttons on windows with no buttons (#121639); strip the 3*2 new kinds of button correctly (#96229); allow variable amounts of rounding (#113162). * theme.c (meta_frame_style_new): set alpha to 255 by default. (#151261) * theme.c (meta_frame_style_unref): free colour spec if allocated. (#151261) * theme.c (meta_frame_style_validate): it's only an error not to include a button if that button is valid in the current theme. (#96229) * theme.c (button_rect): return rectangles for the new 3*2 kinds of button. (#96229) * theme.c (meta_frame_style_set_unref): free differently resizable shaded styles. (#114304) * theme.c (get_style): look up differently resizable styles for shaded windows. (#114304) * theme.c (free_menu_ops (removed function), get_menu_icon (removed function), meta_theme_draw_menu_icon (removed function), meta_menu_icon_type_from_string (removed function), meta_menu_icon_type_to_string (removed function), meta_theme_free, meta_theme_validate): removed menu icon code. (#114305) * theme.c (meta_theme_load_image): add size_of_theme_icons parameter. (#113465) * theme.c (meta_theme_define_color_constant (new function), meta_theme_lookup_color_constant (new function)): allow definition of colour constants. (#129747) * theme.c (meta_button_type_from_string, meta_button_type_to_string): add the 3*2 new kinds of button. (#96229) * theme.c (meta_theme_earliest_version_with_button (new function)): return the theme version each button was introduced in. (#96229) * theme.h ( MetaFrameLayout): add "hide_buttons" flag (#121639) and corner radiuses. (#113162) * theme.h (MetaFrameGeometry): add rectangles for the 3*2 new buttons. (#96229) * theme.h (MetaButtonType): the 3*2 new buttons. (#96229) * theme.h (MetaFrameStyle): add window_background_color and window_background_alpha so that we can specify background on a <frame_style>. (#151261) * theme.h (MetaFrameStyleSet): shaded_styles gets resize dimension. (#114304) * theme.h (MetaTheme): added format_version, color_constants hash, (#129747) fallback_icon and fallback_mini_icon, (#11363) and removed menu_icons. (#114305) * theme.h (META_THEME_ALLOWS (new macro)): return whether a theme supports a given feature. Also, several macros representing new features in v2. * ui.c (meta_ui_set_current_theme)): also invalidate default icons. (#11363) * window.[ch] (meta_window_update_icon_now)): became non-static. (#11363)
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diff --git a/src/main.c b/src/main.c
index 49c30b8..9b6c4a5 100644
--- a/src/main.c
+++ b/src/main.c
@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ main (int argc, char **argv)
if (!meta_ui_have_a_theme ())
- meta_fatal (_("Could not find a theme! Be sure %s exists and contains the usual themes."),
+ meta_fatal (_("Could not find a theme! Be sure %s exists and contains the usual themes.\n"),
/* Connect to SM as late as possible - but before managing display,