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Add a modifier key preference for the Alt+click stuff. Can be set to
2002-10-07 Havoc Pennington <> Add a modifier key preference for the Alt+click stuff. Can be set to "disabled" as well. * src/ load .Xmodmap in the Xnest if it exists * src/display.c (meta_display_ungrab_window_buttons): ungrab AnyModifier in case the modifier changed since we grabbed (meta_display_open): rearrange code to use meta_display_close() to mop up when we can't find any screens, avoiding the need to keep the bail-out code in sync with meta_display_close. * src/keybindings.c (devirtualize_modifiers): move this function to a public place in display.c * src/ add setting for the modifier key to use for Alt+left/middle/right click. * src/prefs.c (update_binding): add a missing newline to a warning (meta_prefs_get_mouse_button_mods): new function * src/ui.c (meta_ui_parse_modifier): new function
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Focus windows on map: see
Keep panel always on top:
Edge flipping:
+Opaque resize: