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make this always return FALSE for now, to avoid bug reports.
2002-12-08 Havoc Pennington <> * src/prefs.c (meta_prefs_get_application_based): make this always return FALSE for now, to avoid bug reports. * src/util.c (ensure_logfile): put "opened log file" message on stderr so it will normally land in ~/.xsession-errors * remove extra AC_ARG_PROGRAM * src/display.c (event_callback): handle the toggle-verbose message * src/tools/metacity-message.c: add a toggle-verbose message, been meaning to do this for a while. * src/util.c (meta_set_verbose): if verbose mode is enabled and we don't support it, then exit. * src/prefs.c: allow building without gconf (currently means some prefs are no-ops) * src/util.c, src/util.h: support defining macros to kill all verbose output entirely. (Removes the code and strings associated with it) * don't get METACITY_PROPS_LIBS if not building the config dialog. (HAVE_GCONF): allow building sans gconf, if you are size-sensitive and not using gnome. (WITH_VERBOSE_MODE): add ability to disable all the verbose debug spew strings, to shrink the binary. (--disable-sm): allow SM support to be forced on or off (--disable-startup-notification): allow forcing this on or off
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@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ ACLOCAL=aclocal-1.4
if grep "^AM_[A-Z0-9_]\{1,\}_GETTEXT" "$CONFIGURE" >/dev/null; then
if grep "sed.*POTFILES" "$CONFIGURE" >/dev/null; then