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@@ -31,8 +31,10 @@ METACITY FEATURES
letter in the menu item works.
Choose Move from menu, and arrow keys to move the window.
While moving, hold down Control to move slower, and
Shift to snap to edges.
Choose Resize from menu, and nothing happens yet, but
eventually I might implement something.
@@ -85,11 +87,17 @@ METACITY FEATURES
look in frames.c:meta_frames_class_init() for all the style
properties that you can configure.
+ Metacity-specific styles can also be included in any GTK+
+ theme.
- Metacity implements much of the new window manager spec from, and much of the ICCCM. But then there are
parts of each that it doesn't implement, just because I haven't
+ - Uses Pango to render text, so has cool i18n capabilities.
+ Supports UTF-8 window titles and such.
Metacity needs to keep this area up-to-date using the hints the
panel sets.
+ - Should really support click-to-focus as an option.
+ - Windows has a neat way of implementing Alt-Tab for
+ window cycling that I would like to copy. (The little
+ popup window thing.)
+ - Should Metacity support flipping in right-to-left locales?
+ I don't know what window managers look like in a right-to-left
+ locale. I assume the window titles should be right-justified;
+ should the window controls also be flipped?
@@ -161,22 +180,32 @@ You need GTK+ 1.3.x (to become 2.0). See for the exact
version you need. Metacity is a fairly trivial 6000-line C program, so
once you get GTK+ built it should be no problem to build Metacity.
Report new bugs to for now. Will switch to Bugzilla
sometime probably.
+Feel free to send patches too; Metacity is really small and simple, so
+if you find a bug or want to add a feature it should be pretty easy.
Q: Will you add my feature?
-A: Probably not, unless it makes sense to turn on by unconditionally,
+A: If it makes sense to turn on unconditionally,
or is genuinely a harmless preference that I would not
- be embarrassed to put in a user-friendly configuration dialog.
+ be embarrassed to put in a simple, uncluttered, user-friendly
+ configuration dialog.
+ If the only rationale for your feature is that other window
+ managers have it, or that you are personally used to it, or something
+ like that, then I will not be impressed. Metacity is firmly in the
+ "choose good defaults" camp rather than the "offer 6 equally broken
+ ways to do it, and let the user pick one" camp.
- Metacity has a "no crackrock" policy, with some exceptions
+ This is part of a "no crackrock" policy, despite some exceptions
I'm mildly embarrassed about. For example, multiple workspaces
probably constitute crackrock, they confuse most users
and really are not that useful if you have a decent tasklist and
@@ -185,7 +214,11 @@ A: Probably not, unless it makes sense to turn on by unconditionally,
keybindings are definitely on crack.
But don't think unlimited crack is OK just because I slipped up a
- little. No slippery slope here.
+ little. No slippery slope here.
+ Don't let this discourage patches and fixes - I love those. ;-)
+ Just be prepared to hear the above objections if your patch
+ adds some crack-ridden configuration option.
Q: How do I add a configuration option?
@@ -196,10 +229,12 @@ Q: Will Metacity be part of GNOME?
A: If Metacity is ever better than the other options, and the GNOME
Project so chooses. But Metacity may continue to suck forever
- because I might get tired of it; or Metacity's conservative
- nature might not make sense for the snazzy world of
- GNOME. Who knows. I'm not worrying about this, and you shouldn't
- either.
+ because I might get tired of working on it; or Metacity's feature
+ set might not make sense for GNOME. Who knows. I'm not worrying
+ about this, and you shouldn't either.
+ For now Metacity is my toy hobby project that I work on when I feel
+ like it.
Q: Why can't I move XMMS?