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add Metabox theme from Garrett
2002-07-24 Havoc Pennington <> * src/themes/ (THEMES): add Metabox theme from Garrett * README: updates 2002-07-21 Havoc Pennington <> * src/window.c (meta_window_new): don't automaximize fullscreen windows. 2002-07-14 Havoc Pennington <> * src/window.c (recalc_window_features): don't allow shading of border-only windows.
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Report new bugs on
-Feel free to send patches too; Metacity is really small and simple, so
-if you find a bug or want to add a feature it should be pretty easy.
-Send me mail, or put the patch in bugzilla.
+Feel free to send patches too; Metacity is relatively small and
+simple, so if you find a bug or want to add a feature it should be
+pretty easy. Send me mail, or put the patch in bugzilla.
See the HACKING file for some notes on hacking Metacity.
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ METACITY FEATURES
Alt-Shift-Tab backward cycle focus
Alt-Ctrl-Tab forward cycle focus among panels
Alt-Ctrl-Shift-Tab backward cycle focus among panels
- Alt-Escape focus previous window
+ Alt-Escape cycle window focus without a popup thingy
Ctrl-Alt-Left Arrow previous workspace
Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow next workspace
Ctrl-Alt-D minimize/unminimize all, to show desktop
- There are probably other ICCCM-compliance issues.
- - Window placement is always cascade for now; I want to implement
- "first fit, falling back to cascade if no fit."
- (Configurable placement algorithms are stupid though, don't
- send me patches for any bogus ones. Let's just pick a good one.)
+ - The first-fit algorithm for placement isn't very clever.
- Should Metacity support flipping in right-to-left locales?
I don't know what window managers look like in a right-to-left
locale. I assume the window titles should be right-justified;
should the window controls also be flipped?
- - Resize menu item doesn't do anything. It's intended to enter
- resize-with-the-keyboard mode, similar to Move menu item.
- - In GNOME 1.x, if you switch from sawfish to metacity without
- restarting X, the panel often ends up buried behind the Nautilus
- desktop window.
- What happens is that the panel detects Sawfish has gone away, and
- turns on override redirect mode because no GNOME-aware WM is
- running (i.e. it goes into "ignore the window manager" mode). But
- the panel doesn't notice that Metacity has appeared and is
- (partially) GNOME-compliant. So Metacity doesn't see the override
- redirect panel, and leaves it behind the Nautilus desktop. I'm not
- sure whether Metacity or the panel is to blame for this.
- (To debug - use "xwininfo" on the panel, if override redirect is
- "Yes" then Metacity won't have any awareness of a window and can't
- properly stack it above the desktop. If override redirect is "No"
- then Metacity can see the panel and handle it properly. Look at
- xstuff.c:xstuff_is_compliant_wm() in the panel to get started on
- how the panel deals with this.)
- - In GNOME 1.x, If you have "put panel below other windows" turned on
- in panel Global Preferences, Miscellaneous tab, you need to change
- this to "Put panel on top of other windows." That's because
- Metacity uses semantic categories, not the legacy layer system in
- the GNOME spec. It treats things in the legacy "dock" layer as
- semantic type dock, but if you have the panel set to be in another
- layer, Metacity will think it's a normal window.
- You can diagnose this problem because Metacity will put panels in
- the wrong place, and Alt+rightclick will let you perform operations
- like minimize/maximize, and Alt+leftclick will let you move the panel.
- If Metacity has detected that the panel is a panel, then none of
- this will be enabled.
- I put a patch in the CVS version of the panel to fix this by
- setting the new non-legacy type hint, but a panel with that
- patch hasn't been released yet.
@@ -229,8 +186,7 @@ A: If it makes sense to turn on unconditionally,
so on. But I am too used to them to turn them off.
Or alternatively iconification/tasklist is crack, and workspaces/pager
are good. But having both is certainly a bit wrong.
- Sloppy focus is probably crackrock too. Oh, and my Alt-1 thru Alt-6
- keybindings are definitely on crack.
+ Sloppy focus is probably crackrock too.
But don't think unlimited crack is OK just because I slipped up a
little. No slippery slope here.
@@ -317,7 +273,6 @@ A: I could conceivably be convinced to use viewports _instead_ of
Q: Did you spend a lot of time on this?
A: Originally the answer was no. Sadly the answer is now yes.
- Still, it's only 12,000 lines of code.
Q: How can you claim that you are anti-crack, while still
writing a window manager?