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@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ METACITY FEATURES
If you hold down Alt and click inside a window, it will move the
window (buttons 1 and 2) or show menu (button 3).
- If you pick up a window with button 1 and then switch desktops
- the window will come with you to the new desktop, this is
+ If you pick up a window with button 1 and then switch workspaces
+ the window will come with you to the new workspace, this is
a feature copied from Enlightenment.
If you hold down Shift while moving a window, the window snaps
- Metacity turns off its keybindings for Emacs, because I use
Alt-space in Emacs, and getting a window menu annoys me.
+ This is a broken feature. My planned fix is to use super/hyper
+ instead of Alt as the main keybinding shortcut, if super/hyper
+ exist, and then keyboards with a windows key can use that for
+ WM functions and Alt for application shortcuts.
- Cycling windows with Alt-Tab is flickery, AFAIK because
Metacity passes the entire window stack to XRestackWindows()
- Various operations, such as minimize, maximize, etc., should
have simple animations to make them clearer to users.
- - Metacity registers with the session manager, but doesn't actually
- remember window sizes and positions.
- I haven't even read the ICCCM section about colormaps. So if you
have an 8-bit display you are basically screwed.
- Window placement is always cascade for now; I want to implement
"first fit, falling back to cascade if no fit."
(Configurable placement algorithms are stupid though, don't
- send me patches for any bogus ones.)
+ send me patches for any bogus ones. Let's just pick a good one.)
- Maximization and movement constraints do not take the
GNOME panel into account. Most of the code already handles
Metacity needs to keep this area up-to-date using the hints the
panel sets.
- - Should really support click-to-focus as an option.
+ - Should support click-to-focus as an option.
- Windows has a neat way of implementing Alt-Tab for
window cycling that I would like to copy. (The little
popup window thing.)
+ - People seem to like shortcuts using arrow keys for moving
+ between workspaces. My only question here is that I'm not sure
+ what the spatial relationship between workspaces is.
+ (Are they in a grid, or a horizontal row, or what.)
+ I think we may need a window manager spec extension to
+ share this information between the WM and the pager.
+ We could add left/right arrow and pretend they're in
+ a row for the short term though.
- Should Metacity support flipping in right-to-left locales?
I don't know what window managers look like in a right-to-left
locale. I assume the window titles should be right-justified;
@@ -230,11 +240,10 @@ A: You don't, until GConf 2 is relatively easy to compile and I feel
Q: Will Metacity be part of GNOME?
-A: If Metacity is ever better than the other options, and the GNOME
- Project so chooses. But Metacity may continue to suck forever
- because I might get tired of working on it; or Metacity's feature
- set might not make sense for GNOME. Who knows. I'm not worrying
- about this, and you shouldn't either.
+A: This is not the current plan, though of course I'm happy to see the
+ code used by anyone who's interested. Metacity may continue to suck
+ forever because I might get tired of working on it; or Metacity's
+ feature set might not make sense for GNOME. Who knows.
For now Metacity is my toy hobby project that I work on when I feel
like it.
@@ -245,6 +254,51 @@ A: Because XMMS is broken and is trying to move itself. Metacity
does not tolerate insolent windows who believe they can
self-manage. Use Alt-button1 to move XMMS using Metacity.
+Q: Why does Metacity remember the workspace/position of some apps
+ but not others?
+A: Metacity only stores sizes/positions for apps that are session
+ managed. As far as I can determine, there is no way to attempt
+ to remember workspace/position for non-session-aware apps without
+ causing a lot of weird effects.
+ The reason is that you don't know which non-SM-aware apps were
+ launched by the session. When you initially log in, Metacity sees a
+ bunch of new windows appear. But it can't distinguish between
+ windows that were stored in your session, or windows you just
+ launched after logging in. If Metacity tried to guess that a window
+ was from the session, it could e.g. maximize a dialog, or put a
+ window you just launched on another desktop or in a weird
+ place. And in fact I see a lot of bugs like this in window managers
+ that try to handle non-session-aware apps.
+ However, for session-aware apps, Metacity can tell that the
+ application instance is from the session and thus restore it
+ reliably, assuming the app properly restores the windows it had
+ open on session save.
+ So the correct way to fix the situation is to make apps
+ session-aware. libSM has come with X for years, it's very
+ standardized, it's shared by GNOME and KDE - even twm is
+ session-aware. So anyone who won't take a patch to add SM is more
+ archaic than twm - and you should flame them. ;-)
+ Docs on session management:
+ See also the ICCCM section on SM. For GNOME apps, use
+ the GnomeClient object. For a simple coding example using
+ libSM directly, twm/session.c in the twm source code is
+ pretty easy to understand.
+Q: How about adding viewports in addition to workspaces?
+A: I could conceivably be convinced to use viewports _instead_ of
+ workspaces, though currently I'm not thinking that. But I don't
+ think it makes any sense to have both; it's just confusing. They
+ are functionally equivalent.
Q: Did you spend a lot of time on this?
A: Metacity is about 6000 lines of code, which took a few weekends and