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push error trap around configure of withdrawn window, fixes a crash caused
2001-08-03 Havoc Pennington <> * src/display.c (event_callback): push error trap around configure of withdrawn window, fixes a crash caused by rapidly creating/destroying a window. * src/window.c (recalc_window_features): don't allow shading undecorated windows. * src/wm-tester/main.c: add a program to torture window managers.
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- There are probably other ICCCM-compliance issues.
- - I know there's at least one race condition involving rapidly
- created and destroyed windows that will crash Metacity. I think a
- small test app that did a lot of rapid show/hide on a GtkWindow,
- in combination with the METACITY_SYNC environment variable and
- Metacity in a debugger, would turn this up quickly.
- Window placement is always cascade for now; I want to implement
"first fit, falling back to cascade if no fit."
(Configurable placement algorithms are stupid though, don't
xstuff.c:xstuff_is_compliant_wm() in the panel to get started on
how the panel deals with this.)
+ - If you have "put panel below other windows" turned on
+ in panel Global Preferences, Miscellaneous tab, you need to change
+ this to "Put panel on top of other windows." That's because
+ Metacity uses semantic categories, not the legacy layer system
+ in the GNOME spec. It treats things in the legacy "dock" layer
+ as semantic type dock, but if you have the panel set to be
+ in another layer, Metacity will think it's a normal window.
+ You can diagnose this problem because Metacity will put panels in
+ the wrong place, and Alt+rightclick will let you perform operations
+ like minimize/maximize, and Alt+leftclick will let you move the panel.
+ If Metacity has detected that the panel is a panel, then none of
+ this will be enabled.
+ I put a patch in the CVS version of the panel to fix this by
+ setting the new non-legacy type hint, but a panel with that
+ patch hasn't been released yet.