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don't actually have any translations. So if someone translates
something we can set it up.
+ - If you switch from sawfish to metacity without restarting X,
+ the panel often ends up buried behind the Nautilus desktop window.
+ What happens is that the panel detects Sawfish has gone away, and
+ turns on override redirect mode because no GNOME-aware WM is
+ running (i.e. it goes into "ignore the window manager" mode). But
+ the panel doesn't notice that Metacity has appeared and is
+ (partially) GNOME-compliant. So Metacity doesn't see the override
+ redirect panel, and leaves it behind the Nautilus desktop. I'm not
+ sure whether Metacity or the panel is to blame for this.
+ (To debug - use "xwininfo" on the panel, if override redirect is
+ "Yes" then Metacity won't have any awareness of a window and can't
+ properly stack it above the desktop. If override redirect is "No"
+ then Metacity can see the panel and handle it properly. Look at
+ xstuff.c:xstuff_is_compliant_wm() in the panel to get started on
+ how the panel deals with this.)
@@ -274,6 +292,13 @@ A: This is not the current plan, though of course I'm happy to see the
For now Metacity is my toy hobby project that I work on when I feel
like it.
+Q: Is Metacity a Red Hat project?
+A: Metacity is in no way funded, endorsed, or encouraged by Red Hat,
+ Inc. - I'm guessing Red Hat would not consider "insufficient number
+ of window managers for Linux" an urgent problem. Just a wild guess
+ though.
Q: Why can't I move XMMS?
A: Because XMMS is broken and is trying to move itself. Metacity