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reinstated missing first character! correct reordering of blank fields.
2008-01-12 Thomas Thurman <> * src/core/display.c: reinstated missing first character! * Doxyfile: correct reordering of blank fields. svn path=/trunk/; revision=3514
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@@ -27,14 +27,14 @@ DOXYFILE_ENCODING = UTF-8
# The PROJECT_NAME tag is a single word (or a sequence of words surrounded
# by quotes) that should identify the project.
-# Do not enter a setting here; it will only get out of date.
+PROJECT_NAME = metacity
# The PROJECT_NUMBER tag can be used to enter a project or revision number.
# This could be handy for archiving the generated documentation or
# if some version control system is used.
+# Do not enter a setting here; it will only get out of date.
# The OUTPUT_DIRECTORY tag is used to specify the (relative or absolute)
# base path where the generated documentation will be put.