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<short>Whether raising should be a side-effect of other user
+ Setting this option to false can lead to buggy behavior, so
+ users are strongly discouraged from changing it from the default
+ of true.
Many actions (e.g. clicking in the client area, moving or resizing the window)
normally raise the window as a side-effect. Setting this option to false, which
is strongly discouraged, will decouple raising from other user actions, and
ignore raise requests generated by applications. See
+ Even when this option is false, windows can
+ still be raised by an alt-left-click anywhere on the window, a
+ normal click on the window decorations, or by special messages
+ from pagers, such as activation requests from tasklist applets.
+ This option is currently disabled in click-to-focus mode.
+ Note that the list of ways to raise windows when raise_on_click
+ is false does not include programmatic requests from
+ applications to raise windows; such requests will be ignored
+ regardless of the reason for the request. If you are an
+ application developer and have a user complaining that your
+ application does not work with this setting disabled, tell them
+ it is _their_ fault for breaking their window manager and that
+ they need to change this option back to true or live with the
+ "bug" they requested.