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Oops, panel and desktop can be focused by Ctrl-Alt-Tab too
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@@ -77,11 +77,11 @@ without using the mouse, for example, by grabs).
Finally, windows of type WM_DOCK or WM_DESKTOP (e.g. the desktop and
the panel) present a special case. For all focus modes, we only focus
-these windows if the user clicks on them. (Well, erm, actually they
-can be focused in click and sloppy focus modes if no other window
-besides these are found, but there shouldn't be any difference in
-behavior between doing this and focusing the designated
+these windows if the user clicks on them or uses Ctrl-Alt-Tab to
+navigate to them. (Well, erm, actually they can be focused in click
+and sloppy focus modes if no other window besides these are found, but
+there shouldn't be any difference in behavior between doing this and
+focusing the designated "no_focus_window")