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Update reference to EWMH.
2003-01-02 Rob Adams <> * README: Update reference to EWMH. * HACKING: Add a reference to COMPLIANCE and to the ICCCM and EWHM.
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+2003-01-02 Rob Adams <>
+ * README: Update reference to EWMH.
+ * HACKING: Add a reference to COMPLIANCE and to the ICCCM and
2003-12-25 Havoc Pennington <>
* src/compositor.c (process_reparent): handle ReparentNotify, and
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@@ -101,4 +101,9 @@ be NULL.
The code could use cleanup in a lot of places, feel free to do so.
+Metacity is ideally a fully ICCCM and EWMH-compliant window manager.
+Reading these specifications is a useful first step to understanding
+the role of a window manager on an X11 desktop and the standards and
+conventions on which X11 desktops are based. Please refer to the
+COMPLIANCE file for additional information on these specifications and
+metacity's compliance therewith.
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@@ -39,9 +39,9 @@ See the HACKING file for some notes on hacking Metacity.
-Not that metacity is huge (<400K binary last I checked), but about
-half of that is in the preferences handling, in static strings that
-aren't essential, and in the theme engine.
+Not that metacity is huge, but a substantial amount of code is in
+preferences handling, in static strings that aren't essential, and in
+the theme engine.
You can strip about 70K from the metacity binary by compiling with
options such as:
@@ -187,11 +187,10 @@ METACITY FEATURES
be respawned. It theoretically restores sizes/positions/workspace
for session-aware applications.
- - Metacity implements much of the new window manager spec from
- (, and much of
- the ICCCM. But then there are parts of each that it doesn't
- implement, just because I haven't yet.
+ - Metacity implements much of the EWMH window manager specification
+ from, as well as the older ICCCM. Please refer to
+ the COMPLIANCE file for information on metacity compliance with
+ these standards.
- Uses Pango to render text, so has cool i18n capabilities.
Supports UTF-8 window titles and such.