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2010-07-15C++ port of the dodge pluginHEADmasterSam Spilsbury1-777/+0
2008-09-17prevent excess damage by damaging only the windows that need to be animatedDouglas Young1-1/+7
2008-09-14stop crash when *w is nullDouglas Young1-0/+1
2008-06-22further fix algorithm to stop high CPU usage when enabledDouglas Young1-5/+13
2008-06-22redo damaging behaviour to reduce jerkyness and CPU loadDouglas Young1-50/+43
2008-05-25remove viewport change detection because moveWindowNotify provides same funct...Douglas Young1-22/+0
2008-05-17added option for dodging the active windowDouglas Young1-1/+51
2008-05-04WRAP/UNWRAP statechangenotify properlyDouglas Young1-0/+5
2008-05-04added handling of changing options while dodge is activeDouglas Young1-84/+184
2008-05-03implement selecting dodge windows manuallyDouglas Young1-1/+20
2008-05-01actually implement toggling on an edgeDouglas Young1-11/+6
2008-04-23initial commitrcxdude1-0/+622