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+# Compiz Fusion Git Retrieval/Build Script Configuration
+## Git Configuration
+# If you are a user, you can leave these fields alone. If you are a dev, change user to dev
+# Please select the destination of the checkout
+# Ex.: GIT_LOCATION="/home/user/compiz-fusion" will create /home/user/compiz-fusion/<package>
+# for each package. (Default is autodetection for /home/user)
+GIT_LOCATION="$(echo $HOME)/compiz-fusion"
+## Build Configuration
+# Select the prefix for building. This controls the "prefix" of where the files are installed to
+# Ex.: BUILD_PREFIX="/usr/local"
+# Determines if make install should be called with sudo
+# If it isn't, you must be root or BUILD_PREFIX must be writable by the current user
+# Ex.: BUILD_SUDO="sudo" or BUILD_SUDO=""
+# Passes arguments to compiz's script
+# If you do not know what this means, you can skip it
+## Package Selection
+# You can stop the checkout of an app, by adding a ! infront of the package name
+# Ex.: Change CATEGORY=(ccsm libcompizconfig) to CATEGORY=(ccsm !libcompizconfig)
+# Compiz
+# Compiz Fusion
+# Compiz Fusion Miscellaneous Apps
+MISC=(!makefile !yags)
+# Compiz Fusion Libraries
+# Compiz Fusion Configuration Apps and Bindings
+CONFIG=(ccsm compizconfig-backend-gconf compizconfig-backend-kconfig
+ compizconfig-python libcompizconfig)
+# Compiz Fusion Window Decorators
+DECORATORS=(emerald emerald-themes)
+# Compiz Fusion Plugins (Containers) - Groups of Plugins
+PLUGIN_CONTAINERS=(plugins-extra plugins-main plugins-unsupported !plugins-wip)
+# Compiz Fusion Plugins (Individuals) - Individual Plugins
+PLUGINS=(!addhelper !animation !atlantis !bench !compiz-scheme !crashhandler
+ !cubereflex !expo !extrawm !fadedesktop !fakeargb !firepaint !gears
+ !goto-viewport !group !jpeg !mblur !mswitch !neg !opacify !put !reflex
+ !resizeinfo !ring !scaleaddon !scalefilter !screencasting !showdesktop
+ !snap !snow !splash !text !thumbnail !tile !trailfocus !viewport-switcher
+ !vpswitch !wall !wallpaper !winrules)