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2008-05-23- Reenabled the use of the mousepoll plugin after getting yelled at by ↵compiz-0.8Erik2-78/+142
smspillaz and maniac ;) - Made the Trail Length adjustable without having to stop and start the plugin - Removed Trail Life option as its purpose for this plugin was questionable - Refactored the algorithms that calculate the trail alpha values in leiu of removing Trail Life - Changed the way the Threshold option works. Instead of simply not displaying a cursor, it proportionally lowers the opacity based on delta distance. This looks a lot smoother. - Changed some option ranges and default values due to changes above. - Still haven't figured out disabling on a transformed screen. - There are still circumstances (that I can't yet account for) that cause CPU usage to spike, at least for awhile, and then subside back into the 20-30% range. If you notice any patterns here, let me know.
2008-05-10- Moved mouse polling in-house for a much smoother resultErik2-45/+97
- Dramatically reduced CPU usage through that and other optimizations - Trails now start by default when the plugin is enabled - Threshold option now applies to the last live position of cursor, not position of last trail element created - Because of dramatic speed improvements, I added a "distance" option that will have the effect of slowing down the mouse polling.
2008-05-08Initial check in of filesErik5-0/+1574
2008-05-09Dummy commitmoony1-0/+0