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@@ -8,13 +8,13 @@
<relation type="after">
- <requirement>
+ <!--<requirement>
- </requirement>
+ </requirement>-->
- <_short>General</_short>
+ <_short>Trail Toggle</_short>
<option name="initiate" type="key">
<_long>Toggle the mouse pointer trail.</_long>
@@ -27,14 +27,14 @@
<_short>Trail Options</_short>
<option name="num_particles" type="int">
<_short>Trail Length</_short>
- <_long>Length of the mouse trail</_long>
+ <_long>Length of the mouse trail (in trail elements)</_long>
<option name="alpha" type="float">
<_short>Initial Opacity</_short>
- <_long>Initial opacity of the trails elements.</_long>
+ <_long>Initial opacity of the trails elements before fading out.</_long>
@@ -49,10 +49,17 @@
<option name="threshold" type="int">
- <_long>The minimum distance from the current mouse position before creating a trail element.</_long>
- <default>5</default>
+ <_long>The minimum distance (in pixels) from the current mouse position the cursor must travel before creating a new trail element. This helps prevent precision operations like text selecting from being blurred over with trails.</_long>
+ <default>1</default>
- <max>100</max>
+ <max>10</max>
+ </option>
+ <option name="skip" type="int">
+ <_short>Distance</_short>
+ <_long>The distance between cursor trail elements (in X cursor position checks)</_long>
+ <default>4</default>
+ <min>1</min>
+ <max>10</max>
<option name="size" type="int">
@@ -86,10 +93,10 @@
<option name="colorrate" type="int">
<_short>Color Change Rate</_short>
- <_long>Rate the colors change.</_long>
+ <_long>Rate that the random colors change.</_long>
- <max>1000</max>
+ <max>100</max>