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diff --git a/snowglobe-internal.h b/snowglobe-internal.h
index ca96829..4db8748 100644
--- a/snowglobe-internal.h
+++ b/snowglobe-internal.h
@@ -104,10 +104,19 @@ typedef struct _SnowglobeScreen
Water *water;
Water *ground;
- GLuint snowflakeDisplayList;
float xRotate;
float vRotate;
+ float waterHeight; //water surface height
+ int hsize;
+ float distance; //perpendicular distance to wall from centre
+ float radius; //radius on which the hSize points lie
+ float arcAngle; //360 degrees / horizontal size
+ float speedFactor; // multiply snowflake speeds by this value
+ GLuint snowflakeDisplayList;
@@ -144,7 +153,7 @@ void SnowflakeTransform(snowflakeRec *);
void newSnowflakePosition(SnowglobeScreen *, int);
void SnowflakeDrift (CompScreen *, int);
-void initializeWorldVariables(int, float);
+void initializeWorldVariables(CompScreen *);
void updateSpeedFactor(float);
void RenderWater(int, float, Bool, Bool);
@@ -160,28 +169,9 @@ float minimum(float,float); //my compiler at home didn't have min or fminf!
float maximum(float,float); //nor did it have max or fmaxf!
float symmDistr(void); //symmetric distribution
-//maybe define a struct for these values
-float speedFactor; // global variable (fish/crab speeds multiplied by this value)
-float radius;//radius on which the hSize points lie
-float distance;//perpendicular distance to wall from centre
-float waterHeight; //water surface height
-int waveGridSize;
-float waveAmplitude;
-float waveFrequency;
-float smallWaveAmplitude;
-float smallWaveFrequency;
-Bool renderGround;
//All calculations that matter with angles are done clockwise from top.
//I think of it as x=radius, y=0 being the top (towards 1st desktop from above view)
//and the z coordinate as height.
-int hSize; // horizontal desktop size
-float q; // equal to float version of hSize (replace with hSizef some time)