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2006-12-19all: version update and build system fixesonestone1-1/+1
2006-12-19beryl-plugins: bench: added groupsonestone1-17/+17
2006-12-19beryl-plugins: blurfx: Added subgroups and renamed some optionsonestone2-50/+50
2006-12-19Translations update and add aquamarine pot to l10n websitecyberorg2-146/+519
2006-12-18place: comments and don't ignore lower right cornerracarr1-6/+6
2006-12-18fix suggested by xsacha for scale.cquinn1-0/+1
2006-12-18Reverted r1848racarr4-681/+2
2006-12-18beryl-plugins: base_plugin.cpp fixed some memory leakstest-tools1-4/+22
2006-12-18add snow.c png.c and svg.c for translation closes #354cyberorg1-0/+3
2006-12-18Place: Large windows place center rather than attempting to fit in somewhereracarr1-1/+5
2006-12-18blurfx plugin: added dependancy to image loadersmaniac1-2/+7
2006-12-18blurfx plugin: slight cleanup - don't pass both CompScreen and BlurfxScreen t...maniac2-6/+7
2006-12-18decoration plugin: warning fixmaniac1-2/+0
2006-12-18place: Better fallbackracarr1-10/+16
2006-12-18Translations updates closes #360 #376 #389cyberorg1-10/+11
2006-12-18place: Intelligent place windows in center if they wont oversectracarr1-1/+4
2006-12-18Run on beryl-plugins most of the files had such mixed coding styles...racarr33-43516/+44251
2006-12-18beryl-plugins: Makefile goodness and source for C++ plugins! lupine4-1/+664
2006-12-18beryl-plugins: decoration: removed decoration window handling.onestone1-96/+11
2006-12-17beryl-plugins: blurfx: fixed reflection image file loadingonestone1-1/+1
2006-12-17Place: unused variableracarr1-1/+1
2006-12-17Fix bug #378; also change display.c's HOME_IMGDIR from .compiz/images to .ber...lupine2-13/+15
2006-12-17translation updates closes #357 #360cyberorg1-16/+63
2006-12-17Don't place windows offscreen...racarr1-3/+5
2006-12-17Nicer behavior for large windowsracarr1-1/+5
2006-12-17Account for window bordersracarr1-0/+1
2006-12-17Better placementracarr1-17/+30
2006-12-173D on mouse initiated rotate only switched to default... seems a bit more saneracarr1-1/+1
2006-12-17Typofix, thanks to atieracarr1-1/+1
2006-12-17Fixed flicker?racarr2-13/+22
2006-12-16Fixed typoracarr1-1/+1
2006-12-16oops, typoracarr1-1/+1
2006-12-16Cleanup, removal of obscure block comments, tests for && 0 and moving some 1 ...racarr1-110/+19
2006-12-16Prevent create from getting locked in lowest rowracarr1-18/+10
2006-12-16Just going to stick a simple and functional algorithm in until I can get some...racarr1-19/+20
2006-12-16Oh nevermindracarr1-24/+22
2006-12-16 'lawls' probably wasn't a good lond descracarr1-2/+2
2006-12-16Haven't finished a decent placement algorith, this is slightly more intellige...racarr1-10/+27
2006-12-16Slightly more intelligentracarr1-1/+1
2006-12-16racarr: Placement modes, Cascade Centered Random and Intelligent (not very in...racarr1-14/+77
2006-12-15Unfold zoom distanceracarr1-5/+30
2006-12-15Snow: fixed default texture pathcorner1-19/+5
2006-12-15racarr: Option to enable 3d only on mouse driven rotateracarr1-13/+30
2006-12-15Adjust skydome for OneBig and Multiscreen (multihead). Closes #217kristian1-0/+11
2006-12-15IPCS Variable for mouse initiated rotate, option for cube to go transparent o...racarr3-20/+45
2006-12-15Snow: Moving snow plugin into trunkcorner4-1/+944