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--- a/emerald/po/es_ES.po
+++ b/emerald/po/es_ES.po
@@ -1,16 +1,18 @@
+# translation of es_ES.po to
+# translation of es-ES.po to
# translation of emerald.po to
-# Emerald Window Decorator.
-# Copyright (C) 2006
-# This file is distributed under the same license as the Emerald package.
+# emerald i18n file
+# Copyright (C) 2006 beryl-project
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the beryl package.
# cyberorg <>, 2006.
# Jesús Vidal Panalés <>, 2006.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
-"Project-Id-Version: emerald\n"
-"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-10-21 16:41+0530\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-11-14 12:50+0100\n"
+"Project-Id-Version: es_ES\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-11-17 16:42+0530\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2006-11-18 12:53+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Jesús Vidal Panalés <>\n"
"Language-Team: <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
@@ -18,27 +20,53 @@ msgstr ""
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
-#: themer/main.c:141 themer/main.c:147
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"<small><b>Version</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Created By</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Use With</b> %s\n"
+msgstr ""
+"<small><b>Versión</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Creado por</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Usar con</b> %s\n"
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"<b><big>%s</big></b> (System Theme)\n"
+"<small><b>Version</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Created By</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Use With</b> %s\n"
+msgstr ""
+"<b><big>%s</big></b> (Sistema de Temas)\n"
+"<small><b>Versión</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Creado por</b> %s\n"
+"<b>Usar con</b> %s\n"
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Desconocido"
-#: themer/main.c:153
msgid "Whatever (no hint)"
msgstr "Cualquiera (sin consejo)"
-#: themer/main.c:159
msgid "No Description"
msgstr "Sin descripción"
-#: themer/main.c:319 themer/main.c:327 themer/main.c:493 themer/main.c:589
msgid "Invalid Theme Name"
msgstr "Nombre de tema incorrecto"
-#: themer/main.c:408
msgid "Invalid theme file. Does not end in .emerald"
msgstr "Archivo de tema incorrecto. No termina en .emerald"
-#: themer/main.c:450
msgid ""
"Invalid Theme Name\n"
"Could Not Export"
@@ -46,7 +74,6 @@ msgstr ""
"Nombre de tema incorrecto\n"
"No se pudo exportar"
-#: themer/main.c:456
msgid ""
"Invalid File Name\n"
"Must End in .emerald"
@@ -54,15 +81,12 @@ msgstr ""
"Nombre de archivo incorrecto\n"
"Debe terminar en .emerald"
-#: themer/main.c:470
msgid "Error calling tar."
msgstr "Error ejecutando tar."
-#: themer/main.c:476
msgid "Theme Exported"
msgstr "Tema exportado"
-#: themer/main.c:488
msgid ""
"Can't save over system themes\n"
"(or you forgot to enter a name)"
@@ -70,24 +94,19 @@ msgstr ""
"No se pueden sobreescribir los temas del sistema\n"
"(u olvidó introducir un nombre)"
-#: themer/main.c:506
#, c-format
msgid "Overwrite Theme %s?"
msgstr "¿Sobreescribir el tema %s?"
-#: themer/main.c:518
msgid "Couldn't Write Theme"
msgstr "No se pudo escribir el tema"
-#: themer/main.c:523
msgid "Couldn't Form Theme"
msgstr "No se pudo crear el tema"
-#: themer/main.c:560
msgid "Theme Saved"
msgstr "Tema guardado"
-#: themer/main.c:583
msgid ""
"Can't delete system themes\n"
"(or you forgot to enter a name)"
@@ -95,115 +114,85 @@ msgstr ""
"No se puede eliminar los temas del sistema \n"
"(u olvidó introducir un nombre)"
-#: themer/main.c:595
#, c-format
msgid "Are you sure you want to delete %s?"
msgstr "¿Está seguro de que quiere eliminar %s?"
-#: themer/main.c:620
msgid "Theme deleted"
msgstr "Tema eliminado"
-#: themer/main.c:626
msgid "No such theme to delete"
msgstr "No existe el tema para eliminar"
-#: themer/main.c:667
msgid "Use Pixmap Buttons"
msgstr "Usar imágenes como botones"
-#: themer/main.c:671
msgid "Use Button Halo/Glow"
msgstr "Usar halo/brillo en el botón"
-#: themer/main.c:675
msgid "Use Button Halo/Glow For Inactive Windows"
msgstr "Usar halo/brillo en el botón para las ventanas inactivas"
-#: themer/main.c:691
msgid "Button Pixmaps"
msgstr "Imágenes de los botones"
-#: themer/main.c:702
msgid "Button"
msgstr "Botón"
-#: themer/main.c:703 engines/pixmap.c:669
msgid "File"
msgstr "Archivo"
-#: themer/main.c:704 engines/pixmap.c:670
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Vista previa"
-#: themer/main.c:705 engines/pixmap.c:671
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Limpiar"
-#: themer/main.c:723 engines/legacy.c:385 engines/legacy.c:417
-#: engines/oxygen.c:445 engines/oxygen.c:475 engines/truglass.c:538
-#: engines/truglass.c:573 engines/vrunner.c:605 engines/vrunner.c:696
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1501
msgid "Colors"
msgstr "Colores"
-#: themer/main.c:724
msgid "Text Fill"
msgstr "Relleno del texto"
-#: themer/main.c:725
msgid "Text Outline"
msgstr "Contorno del texto"
-#: themer/main.c:727
msgid "Button Fill"
msgstr "Relleno del botón"
-#: themer/main.c:728
msgid "Button Outline"
msgstr "Contorno del botón"
-#: themer/main.c:764
msgid "Color"
msgstr "Color"
-#: themer/main.c:765
msgid "Opacity"
msgstr "Opacidad"
-#: themer/main.c:766 engines/vrunner.c:661
msgid "Radius"
msgstr "Radio"
-#: themer/main.c:767
msgid "X Offset"
msgstr "Margen X"
-#: themer/main.c:768
msgid "Y Offset"
msgstr "Margen Y"
-#: themer/main.c:778
msgid "Title-Text Font"
msgstr "Fuente de texto del título"
-#: themer/main.c:786
msgid "Minimum Title-bar Height"
msgstr "Altura mínima de la barra de título"
-#: themer/main.c:792
msgid "Vertical Button Offset"
msgstr "Margen vertical del botón"
-#: themer/main.c:798
msgid "Horizontal Button Offset"
msgstr "Margen horizontal del botón"
-#: themer/main.c:806
msgid "Title-bar Object Layout"
msgstr "Disposición del objeto de la barra de título"
-#: themer/main.c:814
msgid ""
"Use colons to separate left, center, and right.\n"
"Anything after a third colon is ignored.\n"
@@ -219,67 +208,51 @@ msgstr ""
"S=Sombra, U/A=Arriba(Arriba/Debajo)\n"
"Y=Pegajoso, (#)=# espaciado de los píxeles, ej:(5)\n"
-#: themer/main.c:840
msgid "Export Theme..."
msgstr "Exportar Tema..."
-#: themer/main.c:880
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Nombre:"
-#: themer/main.c:882
msgid "Untitled Theme"
msgstr "Tema sin título"
-#: themer/main.c:889
msgid "Export..."
msgstr "Exportar..."
-#: themer/main.c:899
msgid "Creator"
msgstr "Creador"
-#: themer/main.c:900
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Descripción"
-#: themer/main.c:901
msgid "Theme Version"
msgstr "Versión del tema"
-#: themer/main.c:902
msgid "Suggested Widget Theme"
msgstr "Tema sugerido de Widget"
-#: themer/main.c:906
msgid "Themer Version"
msgstr "Versión del gestor de temas"
-#: themer/main.c:927
msgid "Border"
msgstr "Borde"
-#: themer/main.c:928
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Tamaño"
-#: themer/main.c:929
msgid "Top"
msgstr "Parte superior"
-#: themer/main.c:930
msgid "Bottom"
msgstr "Fondo"
-#: themer/main.c:931
msgid "Left"
msgstr "Izquierda"
-#: themer/main.c:932
msgid "Right"
msgstr "Derecha"
-#: themer/main.c:934
msgid ""
"Note, when changing these values,\n"
"it is advised that you do something\n"
@@ -303,129 +276,99 @@ msgstr ""
"la barra de título a través de la propia opción "
"o del ajuste de la fuente de la barra de título.\n"
-#: themer/main.c:952
msgid "Shadows"
msgstr "Sombras"
-#: themer/main.c:960
msgid "Frame Borders"
msgstr "Bordes del marco"
-#: themer/main.c:978
msgid "Active Window"
msgstr "Ventana activa"
-#: themer/main.c:979
msgid "Inactive Window"
msgstr "Ventana inactiva"
-#: themer/main.c:988 engines/zootreeves.c:1682
msgid "Title Bar"
msgstr "Barra de título"
-#: themer/main.c:1023 themer/main.c:1042
msgid "Screenshot"
msgstr "Captura de pantalla"
-#: themer/main.c:1027
msgid "Images"
msgstr "Imágenes"
-#: themer/main.c:1049
msgid "Information"
msgstr "Información"
-#: themer/main.c:1065
msgid ""
"NOTE - These settings are not part of themes, they are stored separately, "
"and control various UI preferences for Emerald."
msgstr "NOTA - Estos ajustes no son parte de los temas, que están grabados de forma separada, y controla varias preferencias del interfaz de usuario para Emerald."
-#: themer/main.c:1071
msgid "Show Tooltips for Buttons"
msgstr "Mostrar sugerencias para los botones"
-#: themer/main.c:1075
+#, fuzzy
msgid "Use Decoration Cropping"
msgstr "Usar decoración cropping"
-#: themer/main.c:1079
msgid "Use Button Fade"
msgstr "Usar atenuación en los botones"
-#: themer/main.c:1083
msgid "Use Button Fade Pulse"
msgstr "Usar atenuación al pulsar el botón"
-#: themer/main.c:1090
msgid "Button Fade Total Duration"
msgstr "Duración total de la atenuación del botón"
-#: themer/main.c:1096
msgid "Button Fade Step Duration"
msgstr "Duración de la atenuación del botón"
-#: themer/main.c:1102
msgid "Button Pulse Wait Duration"
msgstr "Duración de espera al pulsar el botón"
-#: themer/main.c:1108
msgid "Button Pulse Min Opacity %"
msgstr "Opacidad mínima al pulsar el botón %"
-#: themer/main.c:1114
msgid "Titlebar Double-Click Action"
msgstr "Acción al hacer doble clic en la barra de título"
-#: themer/main.c:1125
msgid "Button Hover Cursor"
msgstr "Cursor sobre el botón"
-#: themer/main.c:1127
msgid "Normal"
msgstr "Normal"
-#: themer/main.c:1128
msgid "Pointing Finger"
msgstr "Dedo apuntador"
-#: themer/main.c:1174
msgid "Frame Engine"
msgstr "Motor del marco"
-#: themer/main.c:1175
msgid "Buttons"
msgstr "Botones"
-#: themer/main.c:1176
msgid "Frame/Shadows"
msgstr "Marco/Sombras"
-#: themer/main.c:1177
msgid "Titlebar"
msgstr "Barra de título"
-#: themer/main.c:1178
msgid "Theme"
msgstr "Tema"
-#: themer/main.c:1188
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Editar"
-#: themer/main.c:1247
msgid "Search:"
msgstr "Buscar:"
-#: themer/main.c:1364 themer/main.c:1558
msgid "Import Theme..."
msgstr "Importar tema..."
-#: themer/main.c:1434
msgid "Fetching Themes"
msgstr "Descargar temas"
-#: themer/main.c:1437
msgid ""
"Fetching themes... \n"
"This may take time depending on \n"
@@ -435,7 +378,6 @@ msgstr ""
"Esto tardará un tiempo dependiendo de \n"
"su velocidad de conexión a internet."
-#: themer/main.c:1502
msgid ""
"Here are the repositories that you can fetch Emerald Themes from. \n"
"Fetching themes would fetch and import themes from SVN repositories \n"
@@ -445,7 +387,6 @@ msgstr ""
"Descargar los temas descargará e importará los temas desde el repositorio SVN \n"
"Necesita tener el paquete Subversion instalado para usar esta característica."
-#: themer/main.c:1521
msgid ""
"This repository contains GPL'd themes that can be used under \n"
"the terms of GNU GPL licence v2.0 or later \n"
@@ -453,7 +394,6 @@ msgstr ""
"Este repositorio contiene temas GPL'd que se pueden usar bajo \n"
"las condiciones de la licencia GNU GPL v2.0 o posterior \n"
-#: themer/main.c:1532
msgid ""
"This repository contains non-GPL'd themes. They might infringe \n"
"copyrights and patent laws in some countries."
@@ -461,7 +401,6 @@ msgstr ""
"Este repositorio contiene temas que no son GPL'd. Estos pueden infringir \n"
"la copia de derechos y las leyes patentes en algunos países."
-#: themer/main.c:1539
msgid ""
"To activate Non-GPL repository please run the following in shell and accept "
"the server ceritficate permanently: \n"
@@ -470,418 +409,307 @@ msgstr ""
"Para activar los temas No GPL del repositorio, por favor, ejecute lo siguiente en una consola y acepte el certificado del servidor permanentemente: \n"
"svn ls"
-#: themer/main.c:1548
msgid "Themes"
msgstr "Temas"
-#: themer/main.c:1549
msgid "Edit Themes"
msgstr "Editar temas"
-#: themer/main.c:1550
msgid "Repositories"
msgstr "Repositorios"
-#: themer/main.c:1597
msgid "Themes Settings"
msgstr "Ajustes de los temas"
-#: themer/main.c:1598
msgid "Emerald Settings"
msgstr "Ajustes de Emerald"
-#: engines/legacy.c:54
msgid "Based on original gnome-window-decorator"
msgstr "Basado en el decorador de ventanas original de gnome"
-#: engines/legacy.c:342 engines/oxygen.c:402 engines/pixmap.c:494
-#: engines/truglass.c:487 engines/vrunner.c:561
msgid "Round Top Left Corner"
msgstr "Redondear la esquina superior izquierda"
-#: engines/legacy.c:346 engines/oxygen.c:406 engines/pixmap.c:498
-#: engines/truglass.c:491 engines/vrunner.c:565 engines/zootreeves.c:1439
msgid "Round Top Right Corner"
msgstr "Redondear la esquina superior derecha"
-#: engines/legacy.c:350 engines/oxygen.c:410 engines/pixmap.c:502
-#: engines/truglass.c:495 engines/vrunner.c:569 engines/zootreeves.c:1443
msgid "Round Bottom Left Corner"
msgstr "Redondear la esquina inferior izquierda"
-#: engines/legacy.c:354 engines/oxygen.c:414 engines/pixmap.c:506
-#: engines/truglass.c:499 engines/vrunner.c:573 engines/zootreeves.c:1447
msgid "Round Bottom Right Corner"
msgstr "Redondear la esquina inferior derecha"
-#: engines/legacy.c:361 engines/oxygen.c:421 engines/truglass.c:506
-#: engines/vrunner.c:580
msgid "Rounding Radius"
msgstr "Radio de redondeo"
-#: engines/legacy.c:387 engines/pixmap.c:543 engines/zootreeves.c:1408
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1503
msgid "Outer Frame Blend"
msgstr "Mezcla externa del marco"
-#: engines/legacy.c:388 engines/pixmap.c:544 engines/zootreeves.c:1417
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1504
msgid "Inner Frame Blend"
msgstr "Mezcla interna del marco"
-#: engines/legacy.c:390 engines/pixmap.c:546 engines/zootreeves.c:1506
msgid "Outer Titlebar Blend"
msgstr "Mezcla exterior de la barra de título"
-#: engines/legacy.c:391 engines/pixmap.c:547 engines/zootreeves.c:1507
msgid "Inner Titlebar Blend"
msgstr "Mezcla interna de la barra de título"
-#: engines/legacy.c:393 engines/oxygen.c:451 engines/pixmap.c:549
-#: engines/truglass.c:549 engines/vrunner.c:670 engines/zootreeves.c:1552
msgid "Titlebar Separator"
msgstr "Separador de la barra de título"
-#: engines/legacy.c:395 engines/oxygen.c:453 engines/truglass.c:551
-#: engines/vrunner.c:673 engines/zootreeves.c:1554
msgid "Frame Outline"
msgstr "Contorno del marco"
-#: engines/legacy.c:396 engines/oxygen.c:454 engines/truglass.c:552
-#: engines/vrunner.c:674 engines/zootreeves.c:1555
msgid "Frame Highlight"
msgstr "Resaltado del marco"
-#: engines/legacy.c:397 engines/oxygen.c:455 engines/truglass.c:553
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1556
msgid "Frame Shadow"
msgstr "Sombra del marco"
-#: engines/legacy.c:399 engines/oxygen.c:457 engines/truglass.c:555
-#: engines/vrunner.c:678 engines/zootreeves.c:1558
msgid "Contents Outline"
msgstr "Contorno de los contenidos"
-#: engines/legacy.c:400 engines/oxygen.c:458 engines/truglass.c:556
-#: engines/vrunner.c:679 engines/zootreeves.c:1559
msgid "Contents Highlight"
msgstr "Resaltado de los contenidos"
-#: engines/legacy.c:401 engines/oxygen.c:459 engines/truglass.c:557
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1560
msgid "Contents Shadow"
msgstr "Sombra de los contenidos"
-#: engines/legacy.c:418 engines/oxygen.c:476 engines/truglass.c:574
-#: engines/vrunner.c:697
msgid "Frame"
msgstr "Marco"
-#: engines/oxygen.c:54
msgid "Designed to be vista-ish in nature"
msgstr "Diseñado para aparentar el estilo visual de Vista"
-#: engines/oxygen.c:447
msgid "Base"
msgstr "Base"
-#: engines/oxygen.c:448
msgid "Glow"
msgstr "Brillo"
-#: engines/oxygen.c:449
msgid "Sides"
msgstr "Lados"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:91
msgid "Everything done with customizable pixmaps!"
msgstr "¡Cualquier cosa hecha con imágenes personalizadas!"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:512
msgid "Top Rounding Radius"
msgstr "Radio de redondeo de la parte superior"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:519
msgid "Bottom Rounding Radius"
msgstr "Radio de redondeo del fondo"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:604
+#. Style : Use Tiled or Scaled pixmaps
msgid "Scaled"
msgstr "Escalado"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:610 engines/pixmap.c:639
msgid "Not adjustable"
msgstr "No ajustable"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:654
msgid "Same as Active"
msgstr "El mismo que el activo"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:668
msgid "Pixmap"
msgstr "Imagen"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:672
msgid "Tiled/Scaled"
msgstr "Mosaico/Escalado"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:673
msgid "Width Override"
msgstr "Sobreescribir anchura"
-#: engines/pixmap.c:674
msgid "Height Override"
msgstr "Sobreescribir altura"
-#: engines/truglass.c:59
msgid "Glassy effects for your windows"
msgstr "Efectos cristalinos para tus ventanas"
-#: engines/truglass.c:515
msgid "Glow Height"
msgstr "Altura del brillo"
-#: engines/truglass.c:540
msgid "Frame Base Color"
msgstr "Color base del marco"
-#: engines/truglass.c:541
msgid "Upper Titlebar Glow"
msgstr "Brillo de la barra de título superior"
-#: engines/truglass.c:543
msgid "Upper Glass Glow"
msgstr "Brillo de cristal superior"
-#: engines/truglass.c:544
msgid "Lower Glass Glow"
msgstr "Brillo de cristal inferior"
-#: engines/truglass.c:546
msgid "Middle Glass Glow"
msgstr "Brillo de cristal central"
-#: engines/truglass.c:547
msgid "Outer Glass Glow"
msgstr "Brillo de cristal exterior"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:78
msgid "Multiple gradients with somewhat glassy features too"
msgstr "Múltiplos gradientes con algunas características de cristal también"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:607
msgid "Left Blend"
msgstr "Mezcla izquierda"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:608
msgid "Middle Blend"
msgstr "Mezcla central"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:609
msgid "Right Blend"
msgstr "Mezcla derecha"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:612 engines/vrunner.c:621
msgid "Contrast"
msgstr "Contraste"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:614
msgid "(Color)"
msgstr "(Color)"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:623
msgid "(Alpha)"
msgstr "(Alfa)"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:630
msgid "Notch"
msgstr "Corte"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:632
msgid "Position"
msgstr "Posición"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:640
msgid "Curve"
msgstr "Curva"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:642
msgid "Offset"
msgstr "Margen"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:652
msgid "Use Glow"
msgstr "Usar brillo"
-#: engines/vrunner.c:658
msgid "Title Glow"
msgstr "Brillo del título"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:108
msgid "Evolved from the legacy engine"
msgstr "Desarrollado desde el motor heredado"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1262
msgid "Border Gap"
msgstr "Espacio del borde"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1269
msgid "Show Border when maximised?"
msgstr "¿Mostrar borde cuando maximice?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1275
msgid "Show when minimised?"
msgstr "¿Mostrar cuando minimice?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1281
msgid "Minimised Border Size"
msgstr "Tamaño del borde minimizado"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1298
msgid "Enable Left Bar Dip?"
msgstr "¿Activar desnivel en la barra izquierda"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1304
msgid "Left Bar Radius"
msgstr "Radio de la barra izquierda"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1311
msgid "Enable Lower Bulge? (Useless at the moment, but will be used soon)"
msgstr "¿Activar grosor inferior? (Sin uso en este momento, pero se usará pronto)"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1317
msgid "Top Corner Offset (%)"
msgstr "Margen de la esquina superior (%)"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1338
msgid "Enable Title Bar Dip?"
msgstr "¿Activar desnivel en la barra de título?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1344
msgid "Enable Button Part?"
msgstr "¿Activar pieza del botón?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1350
msgid "Title Part Width"
msgstr "Anchura de la pieza del título"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1357
msgid "Button Part Width)"
msgstr "Altura de la parte del botón"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1364
msgid "Dip Corners Radius)"
msgstr "Radio del desnivel de las esquinas"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1371
msgid "Round Inside Corners As well?"
msgstr "¿Redondear las esquinas interiores también?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1388
msgid "Enable Different Maximised Colors?"
msgstr "¿Activar diferentes colores en ventanas maximizadas?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1392
msgid "Turn Off repeating gradients when maximised?"
msgstr "¿Desactivar los gradientes repetidos al maximizar?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1435
msgid "Round Top Left Corner?"
msgstr "¿Redondear la esquina superior izquierda?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1453
msgid "Frame Rounding Radius"
msgstr "Radio del redondeo del marco"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1460
msgid "Titlebar Rounding Radius"
msgstr "Radio del redondeo de la barra de título"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1511
msgid "Repeat Gradient?"
msgstr "¿Repetir gradiente?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1521
msgid "Vertical Repeat?"
msgstr "¿Repetición vertical?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1530
msgid "Diagonal Repeat?"
msgstr "¿Repetición diagonal?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1540
msgid "Repeat Frequency"
msgstr "Frecuencia de repetición"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1582
+#. /////////////////////
msgid "Enable Title Part Pixmap?"
msgstr "¿Activar la pieza de imagen del título?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1586
msgid "Repeat Title Part Pixmap?"
msgstr "¿Repetir la pieza de imagen del título?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1593
msgid "Title Bar Part Pixmap"
msgstr "Imagen de la pieza de la barra de título"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1596
msgid "Choose Titlebar Part Pixmap"
msgstr "Elegir pieza de imagen para la barra de título"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1612
+#. /////////////////////////
msgid "Enable Button Part Pixmap?"
msgstr "¿Activar la pieza de imagen del botón?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1616
msgid "Repeat Button Part Pixmap?"
msgstr "¿Repetir la pieza de imagen del botón?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1624
msgid "Button Part Pixmap"
msgstr "Pieza de imagen del botón"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1627
msgid "Choose Button Part Pixmap"
msgstr "Elegir pieza de imagen del botón"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1643
+#. /////////////////////////
msgid "Enable Titlebar Pixmap?"
msgstr "¿Activar imagen de la barra de título?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1647
msgid "Repeat Titlebar Pixmap?"
msgstr "¿Repetir imagen de la barra de título?"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1655
msgid "Titlebar Pixmap"
msgstr "Imagen de la barra de título"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1658
msgid "Choose Titlebar Pixmap"
msgstr "Elegir la imagen de la barra de título"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1678
msgid "Active/Inactive"
msgstr "Activa/Inactiva"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1679
msgid "Maximised"
msgstr "Maximizada"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1680
msgid "Corners"
msgstr "Esquinas"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1681
msgid "Border Layout"
msgstr "Disposición del borde"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1683
msgid "Left Bar"
msgstr "Barra izquierda"
-#: engines/zootreeves.c:1684
msgid "Pixmaps"
msgstr "Imágenes"