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2007-04-04Beginnings of paint code. Plugin builds and loads now! Doesn't draw anything ...HEADmasterNicholas Thomas2-16/+77
2007-04-04More general fixing; texture handling in a sane mannerNicholas Thomas1-33/+84
2007-04-04Fix build errors; multiple coding faux pas. bcop currently seems to generate ...Nicholas Thomas2-34/+53
2007-04-04 some initial plugin framework stuff. Probably doesn't build yet.Nicholas Thomas2-2/+294
2007-04-04Getting used to git... and viNicholas Thomas1-0/+0
2007-04-04Add makefile and initial (empty) source filesNicholas Thomas3-0/+167
2007-04-04Dummy commitlupine1-0/+0