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2009-03-05Adding recent dev updates. Mostly minor stuff.HEADmasterKristian Frank Erikson10-167/+309
2009-01-11Updates to the readme and the built in python documentation.Kristian Frank Erikson2-33/+81
2009-01-11Modified CompizManager to now use the new C extension and added licencing ter...Kristian Frank Erikson4-70/+65
2009-01-11Fixed missing windows by applying Debian patch wmctrl-1.07-6 to original sour...Kristian Frank Erikson2-31/+60
2009-01-11Still working on fixing the missing windows from the listKristian Frank Erikson2-6/+22
2009-01-10New C extension module now works as intended but seems to be missing windows ...Kristian Frank Erikson1-11/+35
2009-01-10Adding getting the windowlist as a C extension. Still not complete though but...Kristian Frank Erikson3-7/+333
2008-12-24Started adding new WindowList class for storing information about all windows.Kristian Frank Erikson1-8/+46
2008-12-18Finally managed to get the massive amount of output from xwininfo down to the...Kristian Frank Erikson3-11/+35
2008-12-18Adding feature to check if Compiz is availiable and pluginDoAction function t...Kristian Frank Erikson3-82/+96
2008-12-17Adding some TODO's in the CompizManager classKristian Frank Erikson2-4/+22
2008-12-17Added proper documentation to an refactored some code to avoi...Kristian Frank Erikson1-79/+42
2008-12-17Updating the documentation in CompizManager to proper Python documentation.Kristian Frank Erikson1-26/+23
2008-12-16All Compiz main package plugins now represented in xml. Also added _edge to f...Kristian Frank Erikson2-28/+70
2008-12-16Added lots of plugins from compiz main package.Kristian Frank Erikson1-23/+43
2008-12-16Adding the clone plugin to xmlKristian Frank Erikson1-0/+3
2008-12-16Added the blur plugin's actionKristian Frank Erikson3-3/+6
2008-12-16Implemented a test for checking the building of the plugins... :PKristian Frank Erikson2-176/+213
2008-12-16Adding pre test setup functions to ensure correct plugins are available / una...Kristian Frank Erikson1-30/+61
2008-12-16Updates to testing classes revealed some bugs that are now fixed. Now also su...Kristian Frank Erikson4-25/+38
2008-12-16Added exception being thrown if window specified can not be found.Kristian Frank Erikson3-5/+15
2008-12-16Minor update. Discovered a bug in sending actions, when updating tests to use...Kristian Frank Erikson2-15/+21
2008-12-15Added test for converting from dbus to python and back.Kristian Frank Erikson2-16/+51
2008-12-15Removed some redundant code.Kristian Frank Erikson4-32/+27
2008-12-15Major code refactoring. Cleaning up code and improving on overall design.Kristian Frank Erikson4-136/+207
2008-12-15Added option conversion when fetching options over dbus, from dbus types to p...Kristian Frank Erikson3-8/+51
2008-12-15Added feature to set options for a plugin in list form.Kristian Frank Erikson2-5/+48
2008-12-15Added getting in array types from compiz like animation, core, cube and green...Kristian Frank Erikson2-7/+16
2008-12-14Adding a readme fileKristian Frank Erikson1-0/+76
2008-12-14Add ensuring the correct plugins are activated / deactivated before running t...Kristian Frank Erikson1-18/+37
2008-12-14Refactored code big classes out to different source code files, as CompizMana...Kristian Frank Erikson4-455/+537
2008-12-14Adding some of the actions in the extrawm plugin.Kristian Frank Erikson1-3/+11
2008-12-14Adding awesome features of the core plugin, this given ability to close, rais...Kristian Frank Erikson1-0/+15
2008-12-14Slight code cleanup and adding licencing terms.Kristian Frank Erikson2-20/+54
2008-12-13Attemp to unlock advanced features of annotate plugin. Still not perfect but ...Kristian Frank Erikson2-29/+65
2008-12-13Fixed bug related to plugins imgjpeg, session, showmouse, svg, text and video...Kristian Frank Erikson1-18/+54
2008-12-13Removed key and button action double entries in pluginsKristian Frank Erikson1-24/+57
2008-12-12Added a new test case and plugin now check they're active before connecting t...Kristian Frank Erikson1-81/+88
2008-12-12Remove feature to auto update plugins after activation or deactivation, as it...Kristian Frank Erikson1-23/+24
2008-12-12Argument type checking added for plugins when calling actions or changing opt...Kristian Frank Erikson2-96/+139
2008-12-12Starting to implement proper PyTest testing.Kristian Frank Erikson2-12/+21
2008-12-11Minor code cleanup, renaming of variablesKristian Frank Erikson1-5/+6
2008-12-11Adding some documentation to the classesKristian Frank Erikson1-0/+52
2008-12-11Added function to change option values within pluginsKristian Frank Erikson1-12/+53
2008-12-11Added algorithm to sort options and actions automatically. It also gets each ...Kristian Frank Erikson2-102/+76
2008-12-11Added xml for Rotate plugin and tested all methodsKristian Frank Erikson2-9/+96
2008-12-11Changes to plugin internal stucture. Trying to remove complexity for user of ...Kristian Frank Erikson2-47/+106
2008-12-10Added feature to activate and deactive tuples of plugin namesKristian Frank Erikson1-7/+13
2008-12-10Removed bug with nonactive plugins specified in the xml file not loading corr...Kristian Frank Erikson1-18/+36
2008-12-10Update to Compiz Plugin method calling algoritmKristian Frank Erikson1-10/+14