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@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ You can do this by going to the folder where this file in located and using:
If that for some reason fails check and make sure
you've satisfied all the dependencies, and that the directories in the
-'include_dirs' match on your machine. Intruction for how to do this are
-described in the file.
+'include_dirs' match on your machine. Intructions for doing this are
+described in
@@ -39,17 +39,16 @@ waterPlugin.doAction('line',{'x0':40,'x1':900,'y0':20,'y1':60,'amplitude':10.0})
# And this rotates the cube to face 2 taking the window titled mplayer with us
rotatePlugin = manager.getPlugin('rotate')
-rotatePlugin.doAction('rotate_window', {'face':2,'window':'mplayer'})
+rotatePlugin.doAction('rotate_window', {'face':2,'windowtitle':'mplayer'})
# The we could maximizing Pidgin's window
corePlugin = manager.getPlugin('core')
-corePlugin.doAction('maximize_window', {'window':'Buddy List'})
+corePlugin.doAction('maximize_window', {'windowtitle':'Buddy List'})
# Followed by closing Pidgin
-corePlugin.doAction('close_window', {'window':'Buddy List'})
+corePlugin.doAction('close_window', {'windowtitle':'Buddy List'})
There are two main classes in the module, with the following uses: