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+# Version 0.6
+=> Recoded the apps from scratch
+=> Adding a config file to save your compiz manager configuration
+=> CCSM now default Settings Manager
+# Version 0.5.2
+=> Updated "About Window" to fit with OpenCompositing
+# Version 0.5.1
+=> Added support for Emerald Theme Manager
+=> Better handling of GL Decorators
+=> Better handling of configurators
+=> Window Decorator has an icon now (slightly modified the installer and added a pixmap directory)
+=> Cleaned up useless code
+# Version 0.5
+=> Converted Go-Compiz Tray Icon to work with CompComm
+=> CPP Backend replace INI Backend and setted to default
+=> Added support for Emerald
+=> Support for CCS-Settings tool
+=> Cleaned up useless code