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2008-06-06Fixed double/triple click, added timeout interval and threshold to config ↵HEADmasterjet-plane2-16/+42
for mouse emulation..
2008-06-05added option to xmljet-plane1-1/+6
2008-06-05Added key for mouse emulation, moved window movement to timeouts to prevent ↵jet-plane1-19/+141
segfaults and initial click/double click support
2008-05-23added moveCursorTo,mouseClick and implemented the mouse movement (on oldest ↵jet-plane2-3/+87
- first blob)
2008-05-22Completed tuio forwarding codejet-plane1-12/+26
2008-05-22finished implementing the key bindingsjet-plane1-76/+134
2008-05-22Moved the server init from initdisplay to key bindings (toggle plugin), ↵jet-plane2-187/+152
removed comments and some structure changes
2008-05-21Initial commit, pre-alpha releasegoran5-0/+1518
2008-05-21Dummy commitjet-plane1-0/+0