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2010-11-11Make sure that we properly unregister actions when removing the option ↵Sam Spilsbury1-24/+26
private with operator=
2010-11-09[PATCH] Be a little bit more clever when handing option construction in ↵Danny Baumann1-4/+11
handleActionEvent. Previously we would have a static CompAction::Vector which we would resize to lower sizes (so that triggerFooBindings doesn't die) but this causes us to be reconstruction CompOptions all the time which is expensive. Instead just reset the option to make it "dead" (eg keep it in memory for longer) but don't create and recreate them all the time Also copy the active state of a CompAction on copy-construct
2010-10-24core: general code cleanup (static analysis)Sam Spilsbury1-0/+9
2010-04-18Typo.Dennis Kasprzyk1-1/+1
2009-11-16Fixed action option handling.Dennis Kasprzyk1-2/+4
2009-07-14Fix some compiler warnings.Erkin Bahceci1-0/+2
2009-03-16Whitespace fixes.Danny Baumann1-6/+7
2009-03-16Check CompOption::Value type before setting it as option value.Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+14
2009-03-15Removed const from getOptions.Dennis Kasprzyk1-1/+1
2009-03-15Added base class for get/setOption(s) functions.Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+7
2009-03-01Distinguish between unset and not matching option type.Danny Baumann1-38/+35
2009-03-01Revert "Avoid warnings about wrong option type."Danny Baumann1-5/+5
This reverts commit 2ae100045cf31029d4afa1d7b7f0164035ec3c01.
2009-02-28Avoid warnings about wrong option type.Danny Baumann1-5/+5
Not sure whether we really want these warnings in the long term, though...
2009-02-28Fix coding style.Danny Baumann1-24/+43
2009-02-28Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Baumann1-12/+91
2009-02-27Move CompOption::isAction to a static function and use in Value::actionJoel Bosveld1-17/+20
2009-02-27Warn if attempting to get wrong type from CompOption::ValueJoel Bosveld1-0/+26
2009-02-27Add conversion operators to CompOption::ValueJoel Bosveld1-0/+50
2009-02-26Coding style improvements.Danny Baumann1-20/+29
2009-02-22Option API improvements:Danny Baumann1-31/+31
- Better reference usage - Improve const correctness
2008-12-22Compare actions before grab setting.Dennis Kasprzyk1-9/+9
2008-12-22Add/Remove screen actions in CompOption::set function.Dennis Kasprzyk1-15/+13
2008-09-17Move core headers into core subdirectory.Dennis Kasprzyk1-2/+2
2008-09-15Merge CompCore and CompDisplay into CompScreen class.Dennis Kasprzyk1-96/+51
2008-08-27Moved composite handling and opengl painting into separate plugins.Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+2
2008-08-20Store Windows in a STL list.Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+2
2008-08-20Store Screens in a STL list.Dennis Kasprzyk1-11/+15
2008-08-20Port of CompOption and CompAction to C++.Dennis Kasprzyk1-714/+622
2008-08-14Implementation of CompMatch as C++ class.Dennis Kasprzyk1-11/+11
2008-08-08Re-sync to master.Danny Baumann1-1/+2
2008-08-06Conversion ob main classes to C++.Dennis Kasprzyk1-2/+2
2008-07-25Switch to c++ and compile with a basic set of plugins.Dennis Kasprzyk1-0/+964